Tuesday, January 31, 2006


Hello all and welcome to our blog! We really liked Jessica's so we thought we would do our own!
It may be one of the most boring blogs you have ever read, but that's ok, right?

Our biggest news is that we are in the process of buying a great little house in Port Orchard! If everything goes as planned, we should be moving in the first part of March. We're really excited about this, but it is still scary! Here's our soon to be house. While we're waiting to move in, we're lucky enough to be able to stay with Ryan and Marcela. They are so good to us and we really appreciate it. And, it's been fun! We hope it has been for you too!

Being back in Washington after spending so long in Hawaii has been great, if not a little difficult to get re-adjusted! It has been raining almost ever day since we've been back, which isn't really great. And it has been cold! Brent says that I'm getting soft. Probably.
Welcome again! We hope you are all good!