Saturday, October 27, 2012

It's Soccer Time

Reyes is playing in a little soccer league right now so we went up to watch her today. It was a perfect Northwesty sort of day...cold and rainy.

There were only three girls from either team on the field at a time, and there really wasn't a goalie, and they didn't keep score...well, Ryan did, but they didn't...and it was really fun to watch!

She's ready

When she wasn't playing, she was sitting under my umbrella with me...

At one point, the Tigers got a goal...
Reyes was dancing.

The theme of their team is "If you had fun, you won."
Looks like she won! (They really didn't. They got PASTED, but they don't keep score. So it's ok.)

Monday, October 22, 2012

And Now It's a Tradition!

For the last couple of years, we've been going to the Bainbridge Gardens Pumpkin Walk with Ryan, Marcela, and the girls. Last year we joked that now it was a tradition. Well, this year, it is REALLY a tradition! It's quite fun to go to and interesting to see the difference between the weather each year.

Although, perhaps I should stop blogging about it. I know that I have thousands of readers...ok, maybe 5...and you all want to be like me so the Pumpkin Walk was VERY busy this year. But, that was ok. We just got to spend more time together. :)

I just read through the other posts I've done for the Pumpkin Walk and found out a few things:
1) It looks like fun...ok, it is fun!
2) I'm quite funny!
3) I have the tendency to tell the same jokes. Sorry.

So, I'm not going to do silly jokes this time. I'm just going to share the pictures. If you'd like, apparently, the same silly jokes I always tell, see here and here.

First the people...

Cami and I are still figuring out the whole picture thing.

Reyes had to have her picture taken with all the kitty pumpkins.

And now for the pumpkins...

This is as scary as I like to get on Halloween!

I know this is suppose to be Harry Potter, but I think it looks like John Lennon.

Pi Pumpkin ... hee hee

An irrational pumpkin...hee hee!

We shook on the fact that we were going to do pumpkins next year for this! We really are. And they will probably be Star Wars themed. :)

Happy October Everyone!

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Nisqually Vista

In the book I read about Mt Rainier National Park, it said that if you only can hike one place, make it Nisqually Vista. It also said that it was an easy hike and that you could take a stroller on. So, we decided to end our hiking day there...

Doesn't look too bad...

It was a pretty hike, but no where near as pretty as Myrtle Falls. But, easy, no way! Even Brent said he would classify it as a moderate hike. And I don't know who is pushing these strollers, but they must be strong.

On the way out, we saw a deer. It got up and stretched and walked away. Kind of cute.

While Nisqually Vista is a decent hike, I think the one that you should absolutely do is Myrtle Falls. It was just really pretty! And in the summer, there would be a TON of wildflowers everywhere!

And on our way out, we stopped at Narada Falls, which is right beside the road. Unfortunately, the trail down to the good picture spot was closed, so this is all we got.

Which is sad, because the light would have been perfect.

All around the National Park, you see signs that tell you not to feed the animals. Seems like good common sense to me. Well, at Narada Falls, there was this family eating lunch and throwing food to the birds. I was kind of giving them an out because it was obvious that they weren't from this country. But then some very American people started trying to get the birds to land on their hands. Basically right in front of the sign that said not to. Oh well. It must be hard to try to go through life and not be able to read! did make it so we could get some good pictures of the birds.

One landed on the truck's wing mirror.

And so ends our LONG day at Mt Rainier National Park. I think we'll come down again next summer when the wildflowers are in bloom! I can hardly wait!