Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Aloha Oi

Well the Shipyard giveth and the Shipyard taketh away, and this time it givith it back. I was supposed to go to Hawaii for training, but due to a scheduling conflict I got bumped. The class that I got bumped to got full, so you guessed it bumped again. So I thought the Hawaii trip was mine to begin with so I should get to go. After much toil and email I am once again on the list to go. From the 3 through the 16 of December we get to escape the cold and snow that have set in on the Northwest and sit on the beach (after studying of course).

Ah the sunshine and warm of the beach, not to rub it in or anything, but ahhhh! We could have taken the class in Groton Connecticut, but who'd want to go there in December.

One of the things that you learn about working for the government is that the only constant is change. One minute its there and the next its all different. Makes for interesting days, never boring!

Yes this is the first time that I have actually posted to the blog. Don't worry its not going to become a habit or anything.

Thursday, November 16, 2006

In this time of Thanksgiving...

**Disclaimer - I wrote this a couple of days ago at work, so it's a little disjointed.**

Hello all! I just wanted to say thank you for always checking back, even though I rarely write. I really appreciate it! I love all your comments! Thanks a lot!

Here I am at work, not wanting to work, so I'm typing up my blog. I'm going to save it and add pictures when I get home. That's thinking, isn't it?

We've been doing good. Just plugging along. Let's see...

Halloween was fun. We had a trunk or treat on Halloween night at our ward. There was a carnival before hand and the Young Women had to do a "booth" so we played tic tac toe with bean bags. I was cool and actually sewed the bean bags. I know what you're thinking...you can sew Ashley? Well, not really. I can kind of sew in a straight line though. The bean bags stayed together that night, so I guess they were ok.

Brent would give out more candy to those kids he thought did a good job with their costumes. Star Wars won out mostly. He's a silly boy!

We've been getting ready to have Young Women in Excellence. We have a nice simple program, now we just have to get the girls to bring stuff and really do what they signed up to do. Our new 2nd counselor Loki is teaching some girls a hula. That is the favorite thing, but... I'll be glad when it's over!

I just got a paper cut on my finger tip. It's right where the finger hits the keys, so it's hurting. Oh well. I'll get over it.

The weather here has been typical Western Washington in the winter. It has been RAINING AND RAINING. Brent and I keep saying that we really need to get a rain gauge so we can see how much it does rain, but let's just say ... a lot! Today was such a beautiful, sunny day! Now it's getting dark and cloudy. Sad!

Brent is still having fun being the ward clerk. Well, he still doesn't like meetings, but I don't think he ever will. He seems to be figuring it all out and people are starting to know who he is. Which is both good and bad.

Like I said, I will now go home and put the pictures on. Hopefully it won't go crazy again!

Here's a few of the Linton Clan in Bremerton. That's the USS Turner Joy in the background. It's an old frigate that you can take tours on. We didn't take a tour, but we did pose in front. Check out my super cute shoes! :)

Now this is a super cute picture! It's from when we went camping with the Brown's. This is the day after, so we all look, ummmm, cute. Court was wondering why we would take the picture on the second day. I told her, it's because then we look like we're actualy camping! Oh, here's a side note. Sarah has on her BYU sweatshirt. Brent calls it her abomination shirt. So, whenever Brent comes in when she's wearing it, she says, "Oh no, it's my abomination shirt." So cute. That reminds me of a story. Last year, Brent decided to take it upon himself to teach the girls about Star Wars. He feels that Court and Brad aren't exposing them to the best movies ever at an early enough age. So, he would try to talk to them about Darth Vader and Princess Lea. He even brought out his Darth Tader toys so they could play with them. Well, Court and the girls are in Target one day and they see a whole bunch of Star Wars stuff including a Darth Vader helmet and Chloe says, "Look Mom, it's Darth Tader. Brent loves him." Court tried to explain that it was Darth Vader, not Tader, but Chloe wouldn't hear of it. Then, a little while later it was Halloween and they got a magazine with costumes in it. There was one whole page with Star Wars on it and Sarah and Chloe were CONVINCED that that was what Brent was going to be for Halloween. It was funny!

Well, it's almost bed time! Bye :)

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Ok, Seriously

I just had a huge posting, I promise, but somehow I lost it. I'll do it again tomorrow. If I try tonight and it does that again, I may have to throw the computer out the window, then Brent would yell and we'd get in a fight. It's just now worth it!