Wednesday, July 31, 2013


As of today, I am officially 37 weeks pregnant. Do you know what that means? It means that I have "made it." This little guy is a full term baby! I'm so excited! This whole time, this week has been on my mind. I just have to get him to 37 weeks, then he'll be fine. And now I have. I want him to stay in and "cook" as long as he needs, but I am so happy!

So, now that I'm officially full term...he can come any time. Let's see how my list is.

We have clothes!
We have a place for him to sleep.
We are checked in at the hospital.
My toes are done a great blue color to welcome our little boy (so fun to go with you Court).
Funny enough...this is as close as I can get my feet right now.
 I have a list of what's going to go in the hospital bag. (I've always said that I would get the hospital bag packed in August, so I only have 1 more day before I can do that.)

I think we're ready. Whenever you're ready Han Solo!

Saturday, July 27, 2013

Week 36

We're spending this weekend on the coast. It's been a lot of fun! And what do I like to do when I'm at the beach? I like to beachcomb! A lot. Brent likes to fly kites...I search for fun things. But, I'm finding it harder than usual. So, I thought for my week 36 picture I'd show you what I see when I'm trying to beachcomb.
It's slightly hard to see my feet. It's also somewhat difficult to bend down and pick up something cool. It is making it so I'm not taking home as many things as I normally would though. It has to be super cool for me to bend over. I've still found some cool things though. Now onto my rest break before more beachcombing...or Ocean Shores. Still don't know for sure.

Sunday, July 21, 2013

The Long Awaited Nursery

You may not have been bugging me for pictures of the nursery per se, but others have and you know who you are. :)

So, here are the long awaited pictures of the nursery. Warning: the nursery is not done. We're still figuring out what is going to go on the walls. But you'll get the general idea.

We do have one thing on the wall - a super great picture of Christ and a little boy. Makes me tear up every time I see it.

So that's it. It's really starting to feel nice and comfy in there. Hope Han Solo thinks so too!

I don't know if you noticed, but in the crib is a Hobbes stuffed animal. There's a story to go with the Hobbes. When I was little, I had a stuffed yellow dog named Sunshine. I still actually have Sunshine, but he looks a lot less fluffy than he once did. Brent had a stuffed bear that had no name but had the same jammies as he did. We both loved our stuffed animals so we thought maybe this little guy needed a "Sunshine". Brent decided that this was his job. Last week, he brought home this super duper cute crocheted Hobbes that is for Han Solo. So sweet and cute! And just the right colors!

So, do the pictures of the nursery get me out of posting pictures of myself this week? Sure hope so! Although one of the young women said I looked really pretty today. :) She then asked me how to dress like a dorky engineer....don't know if those are related but I thought I looked nice. (Next week is girl's camp and she is playing a dorky engineer in the skit. Makes more sense now, doesn't it?)

Saturday, July 13, 2013

Week 34

I'm on a roll so I might as well keep going. It's almost like I just barely posted week 33, but that couldn't be because this picture is from week 34. So, here you go. And I'll warn you, my hair is having a problem in this picture.
I think my other problem with posting every week is ... I just don't think my tummy changes that much each week. This week, the only thing I've noticed is that I can't bend easily anymore. For a little while it was just difficult to bend. This week, it is nearly impossible if I want to breathe, which I do. So, there is week 34.

Week 33

Ok, ok, I's  been awhile. But, it's been hot. Brent's been hurt - don't even ask.

Ok, you can ask, but I may not tell you.

Ok, I'll tell you. He was bouncing on a trampoline with some kids and he landed wrong and - as he puts it - rearranged his pelvis. That may not sound that bad, but on Sunday morning when he almost passed out from the pain, it was a lot bad. But, he's on the mend and says he's 82% better today, which is awesome!

And I'm tired and pregnant. Is that enough excuses? So, here's week 33...
Wow, I look hot and tired. Gross. But at least I got the picture on there.