Tuesday, April 17, 2012

I May Have to Move to Australia

You remember how we travel a lot? Well, not a lot a lot - my Dad travels a lot a lot - he's on the road 2 weeks out of the month, but we travel a lot. We're pretty close to seasoned travelers. Except for that snafoo last year with the whole Denver thing that I'm still pretty sure has to somehow be the airline's fault.

Well, I'm just feeling like maybe we shouldn't be traveling right now. Let me explain...

A few weeks ago we went to Portland for NCAA. And right before, I mean, right before, Daisy's automatic feeder broke. Like the week we were going. Awesome. (Why do we have an automatic feeder, you ask? Well, Brent's not a fan of ever having to be home at a certain time, so he didn't like having to feed her at a certain time. The reason for feeding her at a certain time is inherited from my Grandma. The horses get fed at 5p, no earlier, no later. Anyway, the automatic feeder helped this. Then she wouldn't bug us to feed her either, which was nice.) So, anyway, we got our cat sitter to come by and feed her every day. Luckily, we weren't gone that long, so...

But, we're going to be gone for a week this time and the auto feeder couldn't be fixed. So we got this other feeder that just continuously feeds her. We have found out that she will also continuously eat and run out of food well before she's suppose to.

But that's not even the reason I'm annoyed!

The reason I'm annoyed is that this morning when I went to take a shower, the lever you use to turn the shower on broke off and went shooting across the shower. Along with a whole lot of water. It was crazy! So, now our shower's broken. Is this the end of the world? No. We do have another shower. But it may be the end of my rope. (I have since been told that it was the diverter that shot across the shower. Brent said that they way I described it was confusing. Hope that helps!)

And this could be the PMS talking. And if one man says anything about PMS, I'll have to kill him.

Oh, that might be the PMS talking too. Sorry.

I may just have to move to Australia! Wait...that's traveling too! Grrr!!!

Tuesday, April 03, 2012

I Marched to the Madness

This is my bracket that I filled out this year. Notice the two teams that I said would play in the final? Well, it is kind of small but it says Kentucky vs Kansas. For those of you who don't have a Brent in your house and don't know that last night was the final game in March Madness, Kentucky did in fact take on Kansas. Alas, I thought Kansas would beat Kentucky. Had they, I would have won the bracket challenge Brent had set up. Kansas got a little bit pasted, so I got second place. Hee hee!

I've been filling out brackets for a few years now, but normally I go by which team's colors I like better or which mascot would win in a fight. Very scientific, I know.

But this year, I put some thought into it. I realized that I've actually taken some of the stuff in that Brent's been talking about for the last 14 years. And I almost won. Hmmm...maybe I should put some thought into it next year.

And, just so you know, not that I'm bragging or anything, but Brent got 3rd. Just so you know. :)