Sunday, March 29, 2009

It Just Made Me Laugh

I know that I've been teasing you about Portland for awhile now, but....this one isn't about it...yet. I might get to it tonight, but I just had to tell you my funny story.

One of my friends is having a baby - her 5th girl - so when it came time for the shower, she decided that she didn't really need anything but diapers and wipes. Good idea I think.

Awhile back I was going to get some diapers for another friend who was having a baby, so I asked Court what kind I should get. When I went to the store and looked at how much diapers cost, and how cute a little outfit was - I went with the outfit. I just love buying baby clothes. They're just so little. And, I kind of think the price of diapers is a racket. I mean, seriously. It's not like you're going to go without them!

So, this time I decided to buy some wipes for my friend's shower. And, I don't ask any of my child-ful friends (unlike my child-less self) about what kind of wipes to get because, really, how many different kinds of wipes could there be in the world.

I, then, find myself at Walmart. I had a couple of other things to get on my list, so as I'm putting those in my cart, I'm thinking, "Where are the wipes? I don't think I've ever even seen them." I know that Walmart sells that sort of thing because, well, they're Walmart, but I don't ever remember seeing them. It's not like I've never been to this Walmart even - I should have seen them. Then I remember going there with Court to get baby food. "I wonder if the wipes are by the baby food," I think to myself. Sure enough, they were just a couple aisles away.

So, I'm standing there on the wipes aisle looking at a whole lot more types of wipes than I ever knew existed. There were all natural ones, ones with scent, ones without scent. There were a whole lot of brands too. I found myself just staring at the plethera of choices hoping that no one would come down the aisle and see me dumbfounded by the choice of which wipe to get.

Finally, after what seemed an eternity, I decided to get the Huggies Thick and Clean type. Why you ask? Well, I recognized the name Huggies and I thought it would be nice to have thick and clean wipes. (Remember, I do have a poop story!)

I ended up leaving the aisle just laughing at myself. At least now I know where the wipes are if I ever have a wipe emergency. But I'm still not sure I got a good kind. Oh well, live and learn ... and then get Luvs! Man!

Tuesday, March 24, 2009


I just wrote a big, long blog complaining about the hole that is currently in our computer ceiling and when I went to post it, the computer wouldn't let me. Apparently Blogger doesn't want me to whine. Ok, no whining. Just the facts...

Fact #1 - Last week, just before we left for Portland, I came home from shopping and there was a puddle of water on the computer room floor.

Fact #2 - After some time trying to figure out where the water was coming from, I realized it was dripping out of the light fixture.

Fact #3 - I kind of yelled at Brent. It wasn't his fault that the water was coming out of the light fixture, but apparently in my stressed condition, it was his fault. Sorry about that, Love!

Fact #4 - After much time and sweat, and a big old hole in the ceiling, Brent found where the water was coming in. Why it was coming in there, we have no idea, but at least he could see where the water was dripping.

Fact #5 - My amazing engineer of a husband fashioned spouts of sorts so the water would go in the buckets rather than wherever it wanted. (Brent loves duct tape.)
Fact #6 - It is FREEZING in the computer room now since there is basically a hole into the crawl space. It makes me very happy that we have a laptop so I don't have to be in there if I don't want to.

Fact #7 - The water has stopped raining down. Is this good or bad, I don't know. If it's not coming out of the spouts does that mean that it's not leaking anymore or does that mean the water is going somewhere else? I'm going to pretend that it isn't leaking anymore.

Fact #8 - My mom and grandma are coming up next month and I was going to have my grandma stay on the futon in the computer room. I guess I'm going to have to figure out some place else to put her now.

Now you have all the facts. And, since Blogger wouldn't let me whine, I've decided to look at it a little differently and tell you what I'm thankful for in this whole thing.

Blessing #1 - We were already planning on replacing the roof this summer. We thought we were being so responsible replacing the roof before there was a big problem, least we aren't blindsided with this HUGE expense.

Blessing #2 - I have an amazing husband who is calm in almost any situation. As I said in Fact #3, I didn't react too well to this whole thing. But Brent just took it all in stride. I can't even image what a basket case I would have been if he had freaked out too.

Blessing #3 - Brent is smart. I think it's pretty amazing that he thought of making the spouts in the ceiling for the water.

Blessing #4 - We haven't "fixed up" the computer room yet. We have all these great plans for our house, but it's just one room at a time. I'm really glad that we haven't taken the popcorn ceiling off the room, then had to cut a big old hole in it.

Blessing #5 - We even have a house. I'm so thankful for this beautiful house and our chance to live here in this beautiful place.

Blessing #6 - The ceiling didn't get worse while we were in Portland. I kept having visions of coming home to the ceiling being completely caved in (I come from a long line of's in my blood). I was steeling myself for what we would find when we got home, but everything was just as we left it. The carpet was dry and everything!

Ok, enough of this. I'm going to figure out how to move things around and have a place for Grandma to sleep. It's going to be great. And we're going to get a great new roof soon so there will be no more rain inside.

And, I feel like I will be able to tell you all about our GREAT trip to Portland by tomorrow. I need a vacation from our vacation, but it was still great.

Happy Spring everyone! (I feel so much better putting all this down. Thanks for listening.)

Monday, March 16, 2009

Where Am I???

I know it has been forever. And I don't really know where the time has gone. The last two weeks have been spent fighting off this horrible flu bug that has been running rampant throughout town. I lost my voice for a week. A WEEK! Can you imagine me not talking for a week? It was quite trying. Thankfully my voice has come back, but I'm still feeling EXHAUSTED all the time. So, I do things in bursts and then I relax. Fun for me.

Also, another "fun" happening is that I am now officially a medical transcriptionist. Well, I don't have a job just yet, but I do have a certificate proving that I at least should know how to do it. Woho! Now, on to finding a job. Bah!

And, it's official. I am once again a NCAA Tournament Widow. I know that it will happen every year, but it still is kind of hard. Just kidding. I really don't mind, especially if he doesn't make me watch the games. This is Brent's FAVORITE time of the year. He feels it should be a gift giving holiday, which I think it is. I give him the gift of watching A LOT of basketball.

So, on Wednesday we're off to Portland. Brent et al the other crazy boys are going to watch A LOT of basketball ... live! And Court and I (and Marcela this weekend) are going to shop, relax, and have fun. I think that sounds pretty good.

And, just to make everyone jealous...we have tickets to Wicked in Portland. Woho! I'm so excited. It's going to be great!

One great happening that I just never got around to blogging was my super duper friend going with me to the Northwest Flower and Garden Show. Yep, that's right, Court and I packed up the boys and drove over to Seattle to the show. It was AWESOME! Definitely a gardeners paradise! It was a lot of fun. Thanks, Court, for going with me!

That's about it. Hopefully there will be fun stories from Portland. :)