Wednesday, June 18, 2008

What I've Learned

It seems like lately has just been a big learning experience for me. I thought I'd share some of them.

#1 - plastic lids will not hold up in the oven. Well, actually, Brent helped me learn this one. We were taking dinner over to someone in our ward, but they weren't there when we got there, so we went home and Brent put the stuff back in the oven. After a little bit, they call to say they're home and Brent goes to pull the chicken roll ups out of the oven. He says, "Did you take off the lid?" Then he looks back in the oven and the lid is now a big circle of melted plastic. I shouldn't laugh too hard at him though. A few Thanksgiving's ago, I set the yams on fire. (I was melting the marshmallows, you get the picture.)

#2 - If you get a new hair style, you had better have a lot of self esteem before your 3 year old sees it. I was watching Kyle and Aaron for Court last week so she could get a haircut. It was actually the easiest babysitting I've ever done because they slept through the whole thing. Anyway, when Kyle got up from his nap, Court was in the shower. So as soon as she came out, he says, "Momma, why did you do that? I don't like your hair, etc, etc." I was trying not to laugh, but thinking in my head, "Jeez, glad that's not my hair." Court's hair does look cute!

#3 - If there are chips available, why eat other perfectly good food. This actually reminds me a lot of my oldest niece Emmy, who is going to be 11 in a little over a month. Anyway, I got to spend the day with Marcela and Reyes last week. Reyes is a crazy little thing. Lots of fun to watch. She's in the stepping on everything and jumping off everything phase. I made quesadillas for lunch. She loves quesadillas and normally will dip then in salsa. She was eating really good until the chips came out for chips and salsa. Then, who needed the rest of her food. She wanted chips. Now all we need to do is teach her to say, "Ashie, I like chips!"

#4 - Slugs can completely eat a dahlia plant over night. I already knew this, but I've been reminded lately. The slugs are having a field day this year. It's been cool and wet all spring, so they are getting big and voracious. I hate slugs. They suck!

Well, that's about it for the last week. I guess you're always learning, right?

Have a great day!

Tuesday, June 03, 2008


Have you ever just felt like shouting "Bah!" at the top of your lungs to anyone who would hear it? I sure have lately. Let me explain my annoyance.

On the 23rd of May, Brent tells me that he has to work all weekend for this stupid boat that is stupid and making people work over Memorial Day week. Bah!

Then, a little bit later he says, I'm going to San Diego for two weeks, leaving on Monday. Bah!

At first, I was going to go, but then I started thinking about all the YW stuff I had to do, how my knee still wouldn't bend for that long (imagine 2-1/2 hours in a airplane), how expensive it would be for me to fly and how much he would be working. So, I decide that I'm not going to go. But then I start to think, "There is no way that they are going to make him work all weekend and then leave on Monday" so that makes me feel a little better.

Brent gets home and informs me that in fact he does have to work all weekend and still leave on Monday for 2 weeks. Bah!!!

So, we get him ready for his emergency trip to San Diego. (I'm not sure I'm suppose to say what it's about. If he can, I'll have Brent blog about it.) And I say good bye, feeling sad that I'm all alone on a holiday. Instead of moping, I went over to Court and Brads to play with them. It made it that much better. (Although that little Aaron is still confusing me. He loves me when he's on the ground or someone else is holding him but as soon as I hold him, he crys. Bah!)

The week is going pretty well with Brent in San Diego. He's working 10-12 hour days and I'm plodding along. We did Family Feud for YW's on Tuesday night and it was great! The rest of the week, I worked on getting stuff together for a big leadership overnighter for camp. I felt like I had a little head cold but I kept telling myself it was allergies. Bah!

I wake Friday morning - the day I'm heading off camping - with a HORRIBLE COLD! I could hardly swallow because my throat hurt so bad and I didn't think I could get out of bed let alone go camping, so no camping for me and back to bed. BAH!

By Saturday morning I was worrying that I had strep throat, so rather than prolong it and then get the needed drugs, I went in to the doctor. He informed me that he was pretty sure I didn't have strep throat, just a virus, then he went on to lecture me about the over use of antibiotics. Seriously? Bah! Then, we had a conversation like this:

Doctor: Do you smoke?
Me: No
Doctor: Have you ever smoked?
Me: No
Doctor: Do you drink?
Me: No
Doctor: Jeez, you're boring.

Thanks a lot! And did I mention - BAH!!!

I come home grumbling about how lucky everyone else is who has those great bacterial infections and how unlucky I am to always have the stupid virus ones. I was suppose to teach YW's on Sunday, so I tried to call everyone in the presidency to see if they could teach for me. Boy, they saw me coming. No one was home. Bah!

Sunday morning dawns and I drag myself to YW's to teach a - if I say so myself - amazing lesson on Heritage. Then again, it could have been all the cold medicine I was on. BAH!

I get home and collapse on the couch to sleep the rest of the day away. About dinner time I awake from my coma realizing that I'm hungry, and my throat doesn't hurt as much! HOORAY! I'm on the way back up!

So, now it's Tuesday and I'm waiting patiently for Brent to get home - yep, he got called back early because they need him here for some big crazy thing that I don't really understand. He should be home in about 3 hours. HOORAY!

I'm now in the blow my nose every 10 minute phase of the cold, but at least my throat isn't sore anymore! HOORAY!

I guess this week is starting out ok after all.