Friday, February 15, 2013

And Now We Say Adieu!

The last day of the cruise was spent just sort of relaxing. Brent wasn't feeling super hot - remember how he brought pneumonia home as a souvenir - so there aren't a lot of pictures. But here you go...

We had dinner at the sushi place again because, well, we just liked it. It was a good place to eat.

Then there was a BEAUTIFUL sunset that night. Kind of appropriate for our last night on the boat.

Can you tell I was a fan?

The next day was getting off the ship and flying home. Getting off the ship is always a pain. There's just a lot of people to get off. But then we got stuck in Houston on our way home. With a VERY sick Brent, that was not my favorite travel day ever. We got home at about midnight our time, which made for a LONG day.

It was a fun Birthday Extravaganza! I'm already thinking of what to do in 2024! Ok, maybe not thinking so much as having it in the back of my mind. :)

Thursday, February 14, 2013


Oh my heck! I have been such a dork about this darn blog. I'm bound and determined to finish the cruise!

Cozumel, Mexico...our last stop on the grand Birthday Adventure. We didn't have anything planned in Cozumel because I had read that this was the place to shop. It was most definitely the place to shop in that there were a lot of shops, but...I'll get to that.

I took a bunch of pictures of the water because it was such an interesting color, don't you think? 


I think that color is what they're talking about when they say Caribbean blue!

We also saw a pelican...

It was hanging around some fishermen who were throwing the fish guts to it, so it made for easy pictures.

We found out that Cozumel is the place to go for sea glass. They must throw a lot of glass stuff into the ocean there because it wasn't hard to find at all. I love sea glass.

We took some other pictures...
It was a beautiful day! was a hard day to shop. Why? Well, the shop keepers, actually, most shop keepers, not all shop keepers, felt a need to invite you into their shops when you walked past. Loudly. And with much feeling. It was way too much for me! At least they didn't touch me. In Encinada, Mexico, they touched me. I do not like that!

So, our shopping was somewhat short lived, but we did get a few treasures in our last port.

Then we had some fun on the boat. (I swear some of these pictures are from the next day, but the properties on the pictures say it was the same day so I'm believing the camera.)
Brent is already starting to look a little green around the gills...

There was a funny show with these jugglers, who then gave juggling lessons. We snuck in and watched Dad give it a try.

Mamadillo liked the blue blue sea too!

While the next time I go to Cozumel, I'm going to go snorkeling - remember how pretty the water was - we still had a great time! It's kind of sad to think that it's almost over...