Wednesday, April 10, 2013

It's a....


I don't know what I was expecting them to say but boy wasn't it. Maybe, "It's an asparagus." Or "It's a tree." I mean, I was floored. But the longer I've had to digest the fact that it's a boy, the happier I am. 

He wasn't very good at getting pictures taken, to which I sighed and realized he was just like his dad, so the only other good one was of his feet.
Can you see his little foot with the other one folded behind it? Kind of hard I know.

Well, there was another good picture but it's pretty self explanatory by saying, "It's a boy." 

Oh my gosh, it's a boy. Awesome!

And, a funny story. We were shopping at the mall a few weekends back, I know, I was surprised too but Brent needed new shoes for work. Brent takes FOREVER to choose shoes. Granted he wears them till they fall off his feet, but I get bored. We had just come from Barnes and Noble where we had gotten a baby book so that was sitting next to me as I watched Brent walk around and around in his shoes. (Love you!) Anyway, the clerk was watching him walk around and around and finally asked me what book I was reading. Long story a little bit longer, I said baby book and she said congratulations. Then the advice began. (This is definitely a weird thing about pregnancy!) She asked me a few things then said, "Do you have heart burn?" to which I replied yes. Then she said, "Oh, that means it's a boy with a lot of hair." I kind of laughed at the time, but now I'm wondering. Is he going to have a lot of hair? And is it going to be curly?

Thursday, April 04, 2013

Yep, Still Here

I don't know if you've noticed, but I haven't been blogging much lately. Before this whole baby thing was known by everyone, I didn't want to spill any sort of beans before we were ready.

And, this whole time, I've been tired and nauseated and just not feeling funny. Then I thought I'd do some blogging on the laptop while Brent was watching basketball - it is March after all - but I read that you're not suppose to put a laptop on your lap when pregnant, so that was out the door.

So, this is my catch up for the whole year! Luckily, with me not feeling too good for most of it, we haven't done that much, so it will be easy. Mostly just a few trips to Utah.

First trip to Utah for the year was the first part of February. Why? For Rylee's baptism!

Doesn't she look ready? She was so cute when she was baptized. She giggled the whole time. Just made you smile. We were so glad that we could be there!

It was such a fun day. Our trip to Utah was only about 42 hours, so we didn't get to do that much, but here are some of the pictures.
Some of the family there. We had a hard time getting everyone together for pictures.

Silly boys playing around.
 Then we went to Tayler's soccer game. It was fun to watch! She is quite the soccer player!
Tay's the #88 on the left.

Go Tay!

Much too soon, it was time to go and have some dinner with my family before we flew back to Washington. Sorry, no pictures from that dinner, but it was a great time!

Then in the first part of March, I went to Utah for a little bit longer for two reasons. The first one was that one of my good friends, who started out as one of my young women, was going through the temple and I had to be there. She decided that she wanted to go on March 2nd. Hmmm...a plan began to form. You see, my mom's birthday is March 1st. So, I began to conspire with my dad and grandma to surprise my mom for her birthday. Hee hee!

Dad and I decided that it would be the most fun to surprise her at dinner on her birthday. The place and time were set.

Then, earlier in the week, my dad went to the doctor and found out he needed a stent in a vein leading to his heart. Scary enough. But when they got to the blockage, they found it was much worse than they thought. They didn't know if they would be able to get the stent in. If they couldn't get the stent in, he would have to have open heart surgery the next morning. Eeek! That was a hard day as I was waiting to hear. Luckily, they did end up getting what turned out to be two stents in and he's feeling much better! Needless to say, if he had had open heart surgery, I would have told my mom that I was coming.

But, thankfully, the doctors were amazing and got the stents in. Dad is now completely cleared to do anything he wants, which mostly means golfing. He's so happy.

Anyway, Dad insisted that, even though he had just gotten out of the hospital, he was still game for our surprise. So, Friday night, I went to Market Street, sat down at their table and said, "Happy Birthday!" I wish I would have gotten a picture of Mom's face. It was hilarious! She was so confused. But we pulled it off.

Saturday was spent almost entirely at the temple with Hunter. Not a bad way to spend the day! It was a gorgeous day! I'm so thankful that she asked me to be apart of it with her!

Here are some pictures. Notice how beautiful it was! Spring is a great time of year!

It was such a special day! Hunter is going on a mission to Arizona in June. Those people are so blessed! She is going to be such a wonderful missionary.

After the LONG day downtown, I went back to the apartment to then go back downtown for dinner. Wow! Haven't spent this much time in downtown Salt Lake in forever! But dinner was good and it was fun to see Grandma and Gene again.

On Sunday, after a quick sacrament meeting, I spent the day with my parents. There are a lot of birthdays that time of year, so there was a family dinner already planned. My mom decided to not tell any of the rest of my family that I was there so they could be surprised too. They were. It was funny. Everyone kept saying, "I didn't know you were here." Nope, no one knew.

Then back to Washington for me. And no more traveling while pregnant and sick.

But, then two weeks later, Brent went to March Madness with my dad. He didn't take any pictures, but had a wonderful time!

Three trips to Utah in 2 months. Wow! Crazy!

And that's been about it. I really am just getting my head around the fact that in August, there will be another person in our house. And now to prepare.