Friday, December 30, 2011

Wild Kingdom...Again

Do you remember how my backyard is a wild kingdom? We've see coyotes...lots of coyotes...or just one lots of time, hawks, snakes, racoons, squirrels, Brent, Daisy, etc, etc? But, we have never seen a deer. I thought this was kind of weird. It seemed like perfect deer habitat. Then, the other day, I was able to catch this on film. Or pixels. Jeez, what would you say now-a-days. We don't have film anymore. Wait, I digress.Yep, that is in fact a deer in our backyard. We think it's a black tailed deer. Not that that really matters, just thought I'd point it out.

I don't mind wild kingdom in my backyard. Well, except for two things. I don't want to ever see a bear or a sasquatch in my backyard. There may not be sasquatch but if there are, I for sure don't want to see one in my backyard. Or an elephant. If I'm going to dream, I'm going to dream big. Or a dinosaur. You get the picture.

I'll keep my eyes to the backyard and my camera handy and see what else I can catch. Who knows...maybe a unicorn next.

Thursday, December 29, 2011

Happy Birthday to Me...

I know, I birthday was a while ago, but, I've been busy, so let's relive it.

The Sunday before my birthday I got to speak in church. Woho! Now that's a fun birthday present. But, after that, it got a little more fun. Our house was full of some of our favorite people. And I put Sarah in charge of the camera so ... well ... you'll see. It's interesting to see the world through a twelve-year-old's eyes.

You see, we were all here for me. Because, you know, it was almost my birthday.

We had some good times just sitting around.

We had super good times eating my favorite kind of cake -
Better Than Anything Cake

I don't know if it's better than ANYTHING, but it is better than a whole lot of things!

Jeez, I'm actually in a couple of pictures...and they aren't scrunch pictures. Crazy!

I opened some presents.

I left this picture in because Aaron's face still makes me laugh. A lot. Thought you could use a laugh too.

Cami tackled Ryan and kept him down for a little while.

The bigger boys talked about bigger toys and engineering.

Ryan and Marcela got me this cute stuffed hippo that you can warm up in the microwave, so the kids had to try it out.

Ahh...Sir Heinrich the Smelly Hippo. Sadly, once warmed, he smelled like lavendar. Which is not one of my favorite smells. But, I have a plan to get rid of the smelly stuff. And it's funny to call him Sir Heinrich the Smelly.

Someone lined the banister with soldiers, even hiding a few in the garland. I'm pretty sure there are one or two left even now.

And we had a few more pictures taken.
Don't worry. Sarah isn't actually shorter than me anymore. She's leaning down. Thanks Sarah.

Kyle and Reyes playing on the stairs. I have a sneaking suspicion that these are the ones who put the soldiers in the garland.

Reyes, who would rather be about any animal rather than be a little girl.

All in all, it was a great day-before-my-birthday! Thanks to all involved.

On my actual birthday, Brent took the day off. We had a nice relaxing day! I love those. Then we took the ferry over to Seattle, went out to dinner at this super floofy restaurant, and then went to see Canadian Brass. What's Canadian Brass you ask? Well, it's 5 guys from Canada who play all different kind of music with only brass instruments. They were really good. If you want to hear some of their stuff, go here.

I tried to take a picture of us with my cell phone can see how well that turned out.

Actually, it looks quite a bit better small.

So, there it birthday this year. How old am I, you ask? Well, I'm 36. When did that happen you ask? I have no idea. Time sure flies when you're having fun!

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Just Funny

I know, I know, where are the pictures from my birthday? Well, honestly, still on the camera so I'm working on them. But, I saw this on, where else, Pinterest, and had to share!Oh my gosh, it still makes me laugh!

Thursday, December 01, 2011

I am Thankful For...

We're back from our thankful week in Utah. And I thought that I would share what I'm thankful for while talking about our trip. Get it...because it was Thanksgiving. I know, I'm awesome.

I am thankful for...

...the fact that both flights left on time. That's a lot to ask this time of year, but I was just snotty enough to ask it.

...the gorgeous weather in Utah while we were there. Not too cold, not too hot, not too snowy.

...Italian Village. Never been there? You must go. Get a pizza bender with sauce. It may change your life.

...pumpkin pie. I could eat it every day. family.

...modern medicine. My dad had his hip replaces six weeks ago and can walk around now. with my mom, even though it was SUPER early.

...the fact that my mom got her finger out of this jewelry hanger...

...with only minimal damage...

...and only a lot of embarrassment.

I feel this needs some explanation. My mom and I started our shopping adventure at 5 am. Around 6 am, we went to Rod Works, which is a store I am very thankful for, where my mom bought a jewelry stand. She buys her things and is waiting for me as I buy mine. When I'm turning to go, I say to the cashier, "Have a good night ... oh my gosh, it's morning." Then my mom says, "My finger is stuck." So we're both laughing at ourselves as she's trying to get unstuck, but then her finger starts turning purple. So we rush back to the bathroom and put soap all over her finger and she pops it out. It was funny. But the funniest part is when she was telling Brent about it and almost did it again. that I don't get to see that often. I was having so much fun at Thanksgiving that I completely forgot to take any pictures.

...crazy nieces and nephews.

...wheel barrel races, because, well, they're just funny. awesome father-in-law who leaves little presents in the weirdest places. We found this...


Why? We have no idea.

Brent's mom asked Brent to take down the drop ceiling in the kitchen. It was dusty, dirty work, but it will look so nice when it's done. When he was almost finished, he saw the can. We all hoped it had money in it. Nope, just cement. But it was a fun surprise anyway!

...Temple Square. Even though we couldn't go there at night because Brent got sick.

...Julie dragging me out of bed at zero-dark-thirty to go to Music and the Spoken Word.

...beautiful music.

...for my time singing in a choir. I miss it sometimes. I loved watching the Mormon Tabernacle Choir's conductor, Mack Wilberg, tell them "That wasn't very pretty sopranos." It was so cool.

...Brent feeling better. And that I didn't get whatever stomach bug he and his mom had. Sorry guys. I feel badly that you felt so yucky but I'm glad I didn't.

But mostly, I'm thankful for my family. They are all pretty crazy, but that just makes them fun!

I'm thankful for so many other things, but those are the things I'm thankful for from this last weekend.