Sunday, April 30, 2006

Hello Again, Hello....

Do you notice that a lot of my titles are song lyrics? Apparently I listen to too much music!

Well, it's only been two weeks since I've posted. That's not bad. Let's run down what has been going on in our lives....

We had a great Easter! Ryan and Marcela came down to have dinner. We had a good old fashioned Easter meal ... ham and potatoes. Marcela was amazed that you could buy that much ham in the store. We sent the bone home with them since we don't like any soup made from ham bone. (Great picture huh? Brent's so good at holding the camera and smiling. It's one of his gifts!) Oh, and since he wouldn't let me take a picture after I cut his hair, look how nice his hair looks! Luckily you can't see the places I missed. I'm practicing!

When Ryan and Marcela got there, I said, "Hey Greengoes" and thought I was sooo funny, that that was the joke of the night...for me at least. Here are a couple of pictures of them being silly.

I really like this was hard to take it because I was laughing so hard, but you can really see how big Ryan's belly is getting. Just kidding Ry!

Monday night we made cookies for Family Home Evening. We made a bunch of snickerdoodles for YW's on Tuesday. But, being who I am and because I was running late, I forgot to take them, so we ended up with a TON of snickerdoodles. Oh well.

Young Women's was entitled Southworth Idol. (Our ward's name is Southworth) It was also combined with the boys. So, each class got a song and we had 40 minutes to figure out what to do. The MiaMaids got a Christina Agulara (or however you spell it) song that I didn't know. It turned out that our class was the only one who included all the girls and the only one that included the leader in a part of the lip synching. Lucky me. Oh well, it was a lot of fun!

Wednesday night was another meeting for me. It was at the president's house. The secretary drew me a map, but unfortunately she is very bad with directions and drew it backwards. She even wrote the phone number down so I could call if I got lost, but she wrote the wrong number or I dialed the wrong number. Either way, I finally found it, but I was late. I hate being late. Her house down one of those infamous Washington roads that look like a long driveway.

Our niece Alyssa turned 2 on the 21st. We sent her Mr Potato Head stuff because all the Elmo stuff we found made noise and Brent won't do that to people. I thought this one thing was really cute, but he vetoed it.

Last weekend we spent part of the day at an auction for the Young Women to go to camp. We ended up buying a haircut (mine not Brent's), some rolls and a car wash. It was great fun!

Then, we spent the rest of Saturday getting ready for our big home visit from the social worker. I got a little crazy and thought we needed to get everything unpacked before she came, but Brent was there to calm me down and we ended up just organizing the boxes better.

Sarah's 7th birthday was last Sunday. I am so amazed that she is that old. Weird. We sent her a princess pillowcase. I was told that Belle is her favorite, so we're hoping she liked it. She is fun to talk on the phone to because she doesn't really listen to your questions, but just says what she was going to say anyway.

Tuesday, YW's consisted of an etiquette dinner with the teachers. I wasn't in on the planning, so I think it could have gone better than it did. The boys had a little food fight and the girls wouldn't sit with the boys. Other than that, it went well. Now they want to do a non-etiquette night. I think we'll wait for warmer weather!

The home inspection went really well. Our social worker, Nicki, really liked our house and was impressed that we were as moved in as we were. Things are still moving with the adoption. We are going to focus on the internet profile and get that up to snuff. We're even thinking about doing another blog where we can put fun things we've done, but not have it be as personal as this one. What do you think about that?

Nicki was sick, and I had been fighting off a cold, but her added germs got me, so the rest of the week, I was sick. I still went to work, but my voice sounded so nice and low. It was great.

Thursday was Brent's mom's birthday. Since I was under the weather, I was very proud of Brent for remembering to call her. He says that he can remember to call, most of the time. I'm just there for the times that he forgets. She's doing well. Gearing up for Trek this summer. I'm glad it's her and not me. Doesn't sound like fun!

We went to a couple of garden centers yesterday, which is what I love to do. Brent likes it too, especially now that we have somewhere to put things. It poured the whole time, but that's ok because we have nice waterproof coats.

Today, I taught YW's for the first time. It was kind of stressful because of course the Stake YW President shows up, but I think it went well. They didn't look like they were listening, but then when I asked a question, they would raise their hands, so, I guess they were.

My grandpa is not doing well. It kind of seems as if he has given up on this whole living thing. He won't get out of bed and won't eat. I respect his right to choose, but I know it's hard on my family to watch him die. I hope if that is God's will that it will happen sooner than later. Death is never an easy thing in a family's life.

I'm going to close this wonderful posting (Brent's getting bored) with a picture of our newest addition. This is Ned. He's a japanese maple tree that we got from Wal-mart. He was $5. He is the first tree that we have bought. As soon as we figure out where he's going to go, we'll let you know.

Oh, and we watched the movie "Because of Winn-Dixie" last Sunday. It was very cute and very similar to the book, which I love! We recommend it because it's a great one for the whole family!

Have a great day!

Friday, April 14, 2006

What a Busy Week!!

Well, I certainly hit the ground running with this whole YW thing!!! I have been in meeting after meeting this week. I really haven't been home at all. Tuesday night is mutual. Our Bishop has asked us to have Class Presidency meetings at 6:30, then mutual begins at 7p. Well, I get home at 5p, so it's kind of a fast turn around. (And, only one MiaMaid showed up, so we just talked.)

Wednesday was the visiting night. My Relief Society president came by. She's very nice. Has a nice big family (9 kids) and her daughter is the MiaMaid class president. Soon after she left, the YW President came over to get me up to date with what's going on. She was here for 2-1/2 hours. I love her already, but she's a talker. Her name is also Barbie and her husband's name is Ken. Seriously. That makes me laugh. She a cute little white haired lady, but I have a hard time calling her Barbie. It's just funny.

Then Thursday night was a Stake YW Leadership meeting. It was great! It was all about how to get those "lost sheep" back. I have 15 girls on my rolls and only 5-6 come regularly.

So, tonight, Brent's in Seattle going to a Sonics game with Chad, a guy from our old ward. I went to dinner with two girls from work. It was fun. They are funny people. I don't know if they know what to do with me though. I think I was really quiet tonight, but I get quiet in new situations. I hope they want to go out with me again, it was fun.

This weekend I HAVE to get my bulbs planted. I bought a bunch from Costco and I need to get them in the ground. It has been raining every weekend, but I'm just going to have to suck it up and plant them in the rain tomorrow. Brent says he'll hold the umbrella for me. That will be a funny picture! They may be the only plants that get planted this year, but they come back every year, so that will be great.

Speaking of the yard, Brent decided to get a push mower. Now, Ryan and Marcela have a push mower, but really, they have a postage stamp size lawn. (Sorry guys, but you do!) I was surprised when Brent suggested the push mower, because our back yard is pretty big and it's terranced. His arguments were good...doesn't use gas, which is sooo expensive right now; is good exercise; is more environmentally friendly; and he won't have to take it apart to see why it won't start; and last but not least, it was a lot cheaper to buy. He mowed the lawn on Wednesday night. It was pretty long, but he said it worked well. He also saw two frogs and a salamander. Only in Washington!

We're having Ryan and Marcela over for Easter dinner on Sunday. Should be fun! This will be the first time we've have anyone over for dinner in our new house.

The picture of the day is from the FFD in December. Steve took this of us at Chili's. I love it because Brent is actually smiling like he normally smiles. Steve, you're a great photographer!

Happy Easter to you all! Let us all remember the real reason for this holiday!

Sunday, April 09, 2006

I'm Baaaack

Hello everyone! I would like to announce some very exciting news. After a two year hiatus, I am back in Young Women's!! I was called to be the 1st counselor, which means I get to work with the MiaMaids, which I have never done before! I kind of feel like I'm coming home. I'm so exciting. I am hitting the ground running this week with an activity on Tuesday and a Stake meeting on Thursday. I'll have to get used to this again!

Brent had to be at a meeting this morning at 6a. Needless to say, he was very excited when he woke up this morning. Oh well. He says the hardest part about this job is that he has to learn the whole wards names at one time basically. He'll get it though! He's so smart.

Let's see, what has been going on this week? It has been beautiful weather, right up until Saturday, which is the way it works sometimes. We really need to go buy a lawn mower because our clumpy grass is getting long. And I finally got a trowel yesterday, so I can plant my summer bulbs. Exciting!

Yesterday we decided we needed a break from our house, so we headed over to Ikea. As most of you know, Ikea is not a shopping trip, it is an event. I hear that they have broken ground on the one in Utah, so you Utahns will soon learn the fun that is Ikea. Sorry to those who don't live near one. We had the great Swedish Meatballs for lunch, which is the traditional Ikea day meal. Then we walked and walked and walked. It was fun to see things that we would like to put in our house. We didn't buy a lot this time, but we have a list of "maybe" items for next time. It rained for most of the time we were driving there and back, but that's ok.

Brent just reminded me about something funny that happened at church today. When we were in Hawaii, another couple that was there, Kyle and Marcie, kept trying to talk us into moving into their ward. We kept saying no, since Brent's boss is the bishop of that ward, but we ended up in their ward anyway. While we were in Hawaii, Marcie and I did a couple of things together and I thought she was kind of weird, but ok. Well, I walk into YW's today and who is there, Marcie. So, I'm think during all of opening exercises, I wonder who she teaches with. Well, turns out, me! She's the MiaMaid advisor. Kind of funny that I get to serve with the only other person I know in the ward. I guess Heavenly Father really did want me to get to know Marcie, so He's giving me another chance.

Since I'm kind of cold right now, I think we need a picture from somewhere warm... Oh, and Mom, this picture was taken where we released Grandma's crab. (When my Mom and Grandma came to visit us in Hawaii, my Grandma kept collecting shells that were still attached to something. I had to keep making her put them back.)
Ahhh...warm Hawaii. :)

Well, Brent's brownies are in the oven and I think we're going to watch a movie. He says that I can choose, but we'll see how long that lasts when I choose a girlie movie! :) Have a good week!

Wednesday, April 05, 2006


Spring has least for the Northwest! It was 60 degrees and sunny all day today. Granted, I had to work, but at least I sit in front of a huge window, so I got to enjoy it, somewhat!

Right now I'm watching my absolute FAVORITE show...the Amazing Race. I'm so happy because they moved it back to 8p our time so I can watch it and still get enough sleep. It makes me happy. I would love to be in the places they get to go, but I don't think I would do well in a competition for that long.

Speaking of competition...after Conference on Sunday, we decided to play a game. Brent chose Risk. I have never played Risk before, so it took us a little bit to figure it out. But...once we did, I totally won. Actually, it was more like Global Domination! It was awesome! I enjoy winning every once in awhile. Truthfully, there are only a couple of games that I'm good at. I can name them...connect four (Brent has only beat me maybe 7 times and we've played a lot while waiting for flights), scrutineyes (I'm good at the weird animals), and Disney Trivia (I kick butt at this game). Not a huge list, but maybe after a couple more wins, I can add Risk to this list.

Oh, I keep forgetting to tell this story. It's a very scary one! I was reading the paper a couple of weeks ago and there was a picture of this girl with her leg all wrapped up. The caption said that she was recovering from her shark attack at Three Tables on Oahu. I almost dropped the paper. That was about 1 minute north of where we went snorkeling all the time while we were in Hawaii. For those of you who understand my irrational fear of sharks, you'll understand while this was so scary for me! For those of you who don't, imagine the scariest thing you can think of hanging out in your favorite place. Granted, the place we went snorkeling was called Shark's Cove, but still... I hope that if we go back I'll be able to talk myself into going snorkeling there again. I love to snorkel, I just hate sharks! (By the way, the picture is of Three Tables)

On Monday, I found out some really disheartening news. I can't wear sandals of any kind to my job. What?? My boss "Thinks feet should be covered at all times." What is that about? I'm not saying I would wear my flip-flops to work, but nice sandals should be ok. Oh no. What if someone rolls over your toe with their chair? Are you kidding me? At least it doesn't get too hot for too long here. I would probably die otherwise. I will have to keep my flips in the car for the drive home.

Brent had his first meetings today. He said it was good. The worst part for him is that he has to put on nice clothes. That's my husband.

This is also my husband. Isn't he cute? I took this picture at the FFD (Family Fun Day) at Hollywood Connection over Christmas. He looks like he's having a great time, doesn't he?

I talked to Court today. It's really nice to talk to her. It's no fun that they're so far away. Brad got in a car accident on Monday. Someone rear ended him while he was driving the rental car. He's pretty sore, but otherwise ok. Marcela asked me one time how Court and I have been friends for so long. The only thing that I can say is that we're family, not friends. We may not look anything alike, but we're sisters in our hearts! Love ya Court!

Let's hope that spring has actually sprung. Have a great day!

Sunday, April 02, 2006

Conference Weekend

Hello again. It looks like Sundays are the best days for me to blog, but don't give up on me. As soon as we figure out a way to snake the phone line all the way into the other room, we'll get the real computer up and working and maybe I will be able to do this more often!

We have had an ok week. I was really busy at work learning how to figure out how much the government owes us for moving people. Accounting is not my strong suit, so it has been somewhat of a struggle. I think I'm getting better.

Brent has been kind of stressed out about his new calling. He got a folder from the old Ward Clerk with about 10 pages, single spaced, of responsibilities. Brent kind of freaked. He's feeling a little better now. I told him that he needs to actually do it, then maybe it won't be as bad. His first meetings are this Wednesday night.

We decided that we needed to turn over a new leaf in this ward and actually go to the Ward Activities. It was a pot luck, so, hey, free food didn't hurt. We didn't stay the whole time, but we did go. It's a good first step.

We are so thankful for Conference weekend! We love to listen to the talks. I say listen because you have to have satellite to get conference here so we listen to it on the Internet. The only thing we don't like about that is that sometimes we don't know whose talking. It's easy to get confused, especially with the 70's. But, it still is a great time. We loved listening to the Prophet's talk this morning. It was a great talk! I liked that he shared more personal bits of himself. It was great! We are so thankful that he is doing better! He is a great man!

It doesn't feel like we've gotten much done on the house this week. Brent changed the hall light fixture. We are getting a lot closer to being done though. (I know I say that every week, but we are...slowly but surely)

What a boring weekend for March Madness. The two games yesterday were really boring. I don't completely watch them, but I could tell by Brent just sitting there that nothing much was going on. Hopefully it will be a better game tomorrow night.

Today is going to be the backyard pictures of the house, since we have no newly painted rooms or anything. This first one is of our great deck. We love it!! It will be really nice when we have a table and chairs out there. Hopefully by the time everyone comes here, it will be a nice little oasis! As you can also see, the lawn needs a little work. Luckily, we have someone in the family who knows how to do that work. Well, ok, I'll admit, it's me. In a couple of years, you won't even recognize it.

Oh, and where I'm standing is going to be the garden. It probably won't get planted until next year, but, we will have a garden. It will be great.

This one is of what I like to call, our forest. There is a green belt that goes on for about 3/4's of a mile behind us. There is suppose to be a stream down there somewhere, but we haven't seen it yet. Nice view though, huh? The other morning, the sun was coming up behind the trees and there was still some fog in the trees. It looked almost ghostly out there! Ok, so I can't get the stupid picture to load. I'll take another one and put it up next week.

Hopefully this picture will load. Here's our little advertisement today. We love Resolve. Let me tell you a little story. We went to a really good Italian dinner a couple of weeks ago. I had leftovers that had olive oil and garlic on it. Brent put them on the back seat of my car and of course, it leaked. He spent a long time out there trying to clean it up, but it didn't work. It was still very garlicy!!! So, he went and got some Resolve and cleaned it and it's all gone! And, we used it on the carpet downstairs in the used to be "red room" and it did a good job there, so buy resolve if you need carpet cleaning or deoderizing!

Hope everyone has a great week!