Thursday, September 21, 2006

Come on Over...Everything is Alright..Just let yourself Go

I know, it's been awhile. I will give you my excuse in a couple of pictures.

First off, as you know, my parents came to visit. They keep you rather busy, but we had a great you'll see.

What did I learn from this picture? Well, basically, not to share my sucker with Kyle. He got me sick...or I got him sick...who can tell. Either way, we've both been under the weather ever since the fun camping trip we went on with the Brown's. (That sounds so weird, but there are too many to name)

As I said last time, I was waiting for my parents to get here. Well, no sooner had I logged off the computer than they called. They were about 1-1/2 hours earlier than I thought they would be. I guess my dad really is a speed demon when he's tired of being in a car. The road was still being repaved when they got here, so I had to walk up our road to meet them. It's a pretty big hill, so that in and of itself was not fun. But it was great to be with my parents!!! We had a great time. Unfortunately, Brent had to work on Friday even though he was suppose to have the day off, but other than that, it was great!

My dad is a big fisherman, so he wanted to see how you fished for salmon here. Since we had no idea, we asked a really rude guy at a fishing store where to go. He did tell us a good spot though. What we learned was that you have to have waist-high waders and a helmet...since everyone is fighting over a good spot. Dad and Brent didn't get to fish this time around, but they are making plans for next year.

We also went to the Blackberry Festival in Bremerton. Blackberries grow like weeds around here, so on Labor Day weekend, Bremerton celebrates that fact. It was fun. A lot of fun booths and food. We got shave ice (yes I did spell it right) but it wasn't as good as Hawaii. It was VERY hot, for here, so Brent decided to cool off. He walked over to just be in the shade, but the little girl above him thought he looked to dry, so...she started to kick water on him. It really cooled him off, so I think he was happy!

We went to fly kites at Fort Warden State Park in Port Townsend. A couple of years ago Brent got a stunt kite. It's a kite that has two strings so you can make it loop and stuff. Well, my dad had to get one too because he thought it sounded like fun. Unfortunately, they had never been able to fly it since it needed a lot of wind. We found the perfect spot. We learned a few things with this adventure....always bring a jacket to the beach in Washington. What do you think it's Hawaii? A six foot kite will pull you off your feet when the wind is strong enough. And, lastly, my mom really likes rocks. I've always wondered where I got it. :)

And, of course, we had to go to Seattle. We went on Tuesday so it wouldn't be so busy. It really wasn't. We had a great time!

The weekend after my parents left, we went camping with Brad, Court, Sarah, Chloe and Kyle...see a lot. I'll have to leave that for the next blog. My fingers are tired. We really need a new keyboard.

Have a great one!