Sunday, January 27, 2008

President Gordon B. Hinckley

As I was sitting at one of my many Young Women meetings tonight, I found out that President Hinckley died. It was amazing to be surrounded by the youth of our ward. We got a chance to sit and talk about President Hinckley and how much we love him and will miss him. It was a great BYD.

I just love President Hinckley. I loved his fun sense of humor. I loved how much you knew he loved you. I loved what he said and how he said it. Whenever I taught in Young Women's and there was a quote from President Hinckley, I would say, "You guys, I love President Hinckley." After a little while of that, they would say, "You love President Hinckley!" It was funny.

I know that President Hinckley was a prophet of God. And I know that the next prophet will be wonderful, but I'm sure going to miss President Hinckley's voice in the next conference!

Friday, January 25, 2008

Ok, I Guess It's Time

I don't know where January has gone. It seems like it was just barely Christmas, and now it's almost February. Crazy!

I ended up not being on the jury that I was called in for. I was juror #38 out of #41, so I was pretty sure I wouldn't have to sit on the jury, but as they were dismissing jurors, it got a little stressful. I did earn a whopping $32. Amazing!

I have a bunch of pictures to explain our last month and a half. I'll start in December...

Court's newest baby was due on the 27th of December, so I thought I would miss meeting him before we went to Utah, but Aaron had other plans. Court went into the doctor on the 20th, I think, and the doctor thought that Aaron was upside down. So, the next day they went in to have him turned and start the labor. It ended up being too busy at the hospital to induce her, so they had to come in on Saturday. That meant that we got to play with the kids for the weekend. We had some pretty fun adventures, but one night we just sat around and took some pictures of the crazy kids. They love this! The little posers!

This next picture is of Kyle, but it has a story behind it. The girls were dressing up like "princesses" so all of a sudden, Kyle screams out, "I wanna be a princess." Imagining the pictures, I told the girls to take him back in their room and dress him up in the gear. After a couple of minutes, I hear Kyle SCREAMING at the top of his lungs. He comes running out with a "princess" dress on saying that he doesn't want to be a princess anymore. He must have felt silly because he did look kind of silly. He went back in the girls room and came out like this.

Guess boys really are boys from when they're little.

After all this fun, it was time for a little fake nap...

I don't think Kyle really got the idea of being asleep.

After much waiting and stressing - at least on the part of Sarah - Court and Brad finally called and said that Aaron was here! Hooray. So, off to Silverdale to meet the new little guy.

What a great looking family. Sarah and Chloe had a great time holding their new little brother. Kyle had a great time opening all the doors and getting into everything. Boys!

On the way home, Kyle said, "Ashie, have you seen my pack-a-pack?" (Translation: backpack) To which I said, "No." Thinking this would end it. Oh no. "Ashie, have you seen my pack-a-pack?" After about 10 minutes of this, I said, "I think I threw it away." Kyle thought that was HILARIOUS, so we began again. It was really funny. He never did find his pack-a-pack.

Since Aaron was coming home on Christmas Eve, I made him a little Santa hat for Christmas. It turned out pretty cute.

Christmas dawned bright and green up here in Western Washington. We had a yummy breakfast, opened our presents, went over to the Brown's to say hi and open some presents and that's when the heavens opened. Normally that would mean rain around here, but not on Christmas. It started snowing! A white Christmas after all. But, we had taken my car over to the Brown's. They live on a little hill and my car had a hard time getting up that hill with the slushy snow. Now, Ryan and Marcela, where we were having Christmas dinner, live on a HUGE hill.... We decided to go home and exchange the car for the truck. It was kind of interesting getting up the hill by our house too. Look how pretty...

They don't have that many snow plows around here. And, instead of putting down salt, they use sand. Both melt the snow, but the sand acts like little ball bearings and makes it even more slippery. No wonder no one can drive in the snow here.

Since my internet it still acting a little bit weird, I'm going to leave the rest of Christmas for the next post. Sorry fo the abrupt end, but I'm not good at being patient with the computer.

Have a great day!

Monday, January 14, 2008

I Know, I Know

I know what your thinking. "It's been a long time and all I have to look at is a post about poop." Well, that's true. But here are my excuses.

Last week the internet wasn't working. Well, that's not true. It would work for a second then stop working, then work for a second, ... causing me to throw the computer out the window. Luckily, the window wasn't too far off the ground, so it's back to working this week.

This week, I have jury duty. I've been hoping that I wouldn't get called in, but sure enough, today I had to go in. So, I was hoping that they would excuse me today. Nope, have to go back in tomorrow. I have to do my civic duty, but it is such a pain!

Those are my excuses for not blogging for awhile. Take them or leave them.