Monday, March 31, 2014

And Now We're in for It!

Just for the sheer cuteness of it all...

Thursday, March 20, 2014

On the Downward Slope

Can you believe he's already 7 months old? That means he's closer to 1 than birth. We can hardly believe it. But he's getting really big and fun to be around. And opinionated, but how could he not be with parents like us?? So, here are the obligatory pictures. I'll try to get some vital statics in there, but we'll see how happy he stays on the floor. Remember, opinionated!

Hobbes is starting to look a little bit small!

He still only has those 2 teeth, but if the little lumps in his mouth are what I think they are, he's in for quite a few teeth at about the same time. Fun!

His eyes are still gray with just a little brown. However, sometimes they look green, so he might have those chameleon eyes. Who knows.

He's super close to crawling, still. He gets up on his hands and knees and scoots backwards, but hasn't figured out forwards yet. We keep pushing him over because the baby gates are up yet. :)

He can scoot a little bit forward by pulling with his hands and pushing with his little toes. He also rolls and spins. It's pretty cute.

I just liked this one because he looked scared. He wasn't. Just looked like he was.
He finally decided food was great when we were in Utah. He ate us out of house and home there. And it hasn't really slowed down since we've been home. He's a good little eater. Unless it's peas. He HATES peas. Hates them! A lot!

His favorite foods are orange. Sweet potatoes. Pumpkin. This weird smoothy thing we got him with apples, pumpkin, sweet potato and blueberries. He loves that smoothy thing. He also loves apples. Pears are ok. And as I said, he HATES peas. Hates them!

This is one of my all time favorite pictures of him!

Hee hee!

He's still a fan of singing. He sings a lot to his hands. Very cute!

He is a handsy little dude. He's so inquisitive and just about throws himself out of your arms to touch something.

He's sitting pretty well. As you can tell by the pillow behind him, he still falls backwards. I think the problem is that he would much rather be on his tummy working out this crawling thing than on his bum looking around.

I tried for a scrunch picture, but this is what I got instead. He loves my hair. When he's tired, he'll take a chunk of it and rub it all over his face. He also likes to eat it. It's weird.
He's a happy little boy who is a pretty darn good traveler. We had a lot of fun in Utah. If he stays happy, I'll get that blogged too. We're lucky parents!