Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Where Have 3 Months Gone?

Yesterday we celebrated Tyler's 3 month birthday. None of us here in our house can believe how fast, yet how slow the last 3 months have gone. In ways it feels like Tyler's always been here. In other ways, I'm still so amazed that they let us come home with him. But we're all figuring this out together and having a great time doing it!

Here's his monthly picture with Hobbes. He's getting pretty darn big! And I realized that he's wearing the same pants as the last picture. They're a lot tighter this time around. And this was probably the last time for this outfit.

Tyler is as close to rolling over as one can be without actually rolling over. Today he was on his tummy and was really interested in his car seat so he started kicking his legs and pulling himself over towards it. He never actually got there, but he did get to the edge of the blanket. Does that count as crawling?

Tyler is a cheese! He loves to smile at us all the time. As long as he's not hungry that is. He's even started to smile at other people. Such a cutie!
He also talks. A LOT! He has a lot to say, just wish we could figure out what it is he's trying to say. And he's getting louder about it.

He's getting more and more interested in the world around him since he can see better. He's even getting a little more interested in Daisy. Daisy is still pretty disinterested though.

I don't know if you can see the drool in this picture, but he drools. A LOT! He's kind of like a big old mastif dog!

 We did our fly by the seat of our pants measuring and he's about 25" long...

 And about 14 lbs. Although our scale was being weird so it could be anywhere between 13.5 and 14.

He likes to read. Right now his favorite book seems to be Moo, Baa, La La La. He always smiles when we read it.

Finally, he loves it when I read the scriptures to him. He smiles and smiles. It's very sweet.

So, there are your monthly pictures of Tyler. Hope you enjoyed them!

Sunday, November 03, 2013

Halloween Hyjinx!

I don't know about you, but Halloween is not my favorite holiday. (I can hear my mom gasping now. It is one of her favorites.) I really would like to be cool enough to come up with really great costumes, but I'm not. And, I've said for years that I bet Halloween is more fun with kids. Well, I'll let you know!

Our Halloween festivities started a couple of weeks ago at our 4th annual Pumpkin Walk with Ryan, Marcela and the girls. Well, this year Marcela was feeling a little under the weather so it was just Ryan and the girls. The line for the pumpkin walk was SUPER long so that's all we got to do this year, but it was still a great time!
Our first family scrunch picture. Awww...

Then I decided to have a little fun and see what the world looked like through Reyes' eyes. I taught her how to use my camera, and firmly strapped it to her hand, and let her have fun. This is what she got.

That's Tyler strapped to Brent's tummy.

She actually is really good at getting people framed in the picture. Much better, in fact, than most of the people Ryan had take his picture on his mission in Spain. His head was always cut off. It was funny!

After this pumpkin, she got a little bored of documenting everything so the camera came back to me.

Since this was our fourth year, I decided we didn't need as many pictures as we have had. So, this is the only one I took and the reason I took it was because Cami was SO EXCITED to see an R2D2 pumpkin. It was just plain old adorable! (She does quite the impersonation of  R2D2. If you get the chance, you really must see it!)

We are so glad this is a tradition! And we're looking forward to Tyler being a bit more into it next year!

And now to Halloween week...

Even before Tyler was born, we began thinking about what we should dress him up as this year. There were many ideas passed around ... admittedly mostly Star Wars ... when I found the absolutely perfect outfit!

But first, a couple of other cute pictures from this week...

Can you see his teeth?
Golly, I love that little cheese! He is such a flirty thing now-a-days! I love it!

We went to Tyler's first Trunk or Treat. And I have a picture from that night. It shows Tyler asleep on Brent where the only thing visible is the top of his helmet, but I took it with my phone and the computer doesn't seem to like it. If you'd like me to text it to you, let me know. :)

And, now for the perfect Halloween costume for a 2 month old ... Darth Vader! **Cue the Darth Vader theme now.**

We tried to explain to Tyler who Darth Vader is, since he can't quite see the tv yet so has not seen Star Wars. The first picture wasn't quite right.
No, Ty, see Darth Vader is actually the bad guy, so you need to not look so happy to be Darth Vader.

One should not put one's light saber in one's nose!

Nope, still too happy.


Closer but you just look like you're trying to make a duck face.

There you go! Serious with just a touch of cockiness!
I still can hardly look at these pictures without giggling quietly to myself! He was the cutest Darth Vader ever!

Now to the planning for next year. I'm told it's going to be a family affair. Perhaps Halloween is more fun with kids!