Friday, November 16, 2007


A few weeks ago, we found out that my Grandma Cherryl has breast cancer. Luckily - if there is anything "lucky" about breast cancer - it was the least aggressive kind you could get and it was very small. So, they decided to do a lumpectomy. That happened today. I've been wandering around my house this morning waiting for the call that everything went well and she was fine. That call just came in. The doctors are very optimistic that they got it all and she will just have to go through a week of radiation to make sure. HOORAY!

As you probably know, this last couple of years haven't been too good for grandparents in our family. My Grandpa died last year, my Grandma earlier this year and Brent's Grandpa in September. You can probably guess that I was kind of a wreck lately. I'm so thankful that everything is looking good.

Court recently gave me this picture from 1994. (That's the year we graduated from high school.) Grandma looks pretty much the same.
And here she is now...

I love you Grandma! I so glad you're doing well!

Monday, November 05, 2007

Isn't It Amazing

Yep, it's that time of year again. Amazing Race is back on! This is my all time favorite reality show! I love the places they go, I love the things they see and do and I especially love yelling at the TV to tell them how to do it better. (Although last night, I decided that there is absolutely no way I could ever be on Amazing Race. I would just be a basket case the whole time!)

I thought I might share my thoughts on who is going to win and how the different teams are going to do. I am, after all, an Amazing Race expert!
Ari & Staella
Ah, these guys are the best! Ari said that he would do whatever he wanted to do and he didn't care about karma. Well, the first place they flew to was Shannon, Ireland. Two of the teams had called ahead for taxis so they would be waiting when they got there. Ari and Staella got there first and stole one of the taxis. Brent was then cheering for them to be eliminated first. The last thing they had to do was put peat in baskets on donkey's backs and lead the donkeys back to where their cars were. Ari & Staella kept screaming at the donkey, so the donkey stopped moving. It caused them to be eliminated first. Hmmm....I guess being a good person really does help. I am POSITIVE these people are not going to win.

Azaria & Hendekea
These guys are a brother and sister team - who usually do well - and they're engineers. Brent is totally cheering for them! I think they will do well. Top three for sure.

Jennifer & Nathan

These guys are dating, but not for long, if you ask me. At one point in the FIRST LEG, Nathan said to Jennifer, "You are the WORST at this!" They are not going to do well.

Kate & Pat

These guys are not going to go far. I'm sorry. This is a young person game. They just won't be able to keep up. And, they kind of bug me anyway.

Kynt & Vyxsin

WHAT? These guys really surprised me. They did well. They bug me A LOT so I hope they get eliminated sooner rather than later. What will they do when they run out of makeup?

Lorena & Jason

This is my second favorite team. If Lorena calms down a little bit, they will definitely be in the top three, if not win.

Marianna & Julia

These guys said that they are willing to use their looks for help. I hate it when people do that. I'm actually surprised that they didn't get eliminated first, but just wait for next time. See ya!

Nicolas & Donald

This is a grandpa and grandson combo. The grandson said that his grandpa was cool because he swears all the time and talks inappropriately about women. That's what I like in a grandpa. They won't go far.

Rachel & TK

These guys are who I think will win this time around. They are easy going and respectful! Go Rachel & TK!

Ronald & Christina

These guys are cute. They're not going to go far, but they're cute. And from Tacoma!

Shana & Jennifer

These are another team that says they'll use their looks to get what they want. Whatever. Good luck guys - you're going to need it!

As you can tell, I am very into Amazing Race. It's exciting! And I can see places I want to go someday!

Have a great day! Tomorrow - some Halloween pictures!