Monday, February 27, 2012

They Say it's your Birthday...

Well, not my birthday, but Brent's birthday. Since his birthday was on a Saturday, we thought it would be fun to have a party that day. And I thought it would be fun to have a theme party! Probably because I've been looking at Pinterest entirely too much.

What's the theme? Star Wars of course. So I made some lightsabers...
And we found some Star Wars tattoos and we were in business!

We had a houseful, what with Brad and Court, their five kids, Ryan and Marcela, their two kids, and Marcela's mom and sister. It was loud and chaotic and great!

I made pizza for the festivities, since Brent shouldn't have to cook on his birthday. It was very tough, but I pulled through. I ordered it online and everything.

Then we opened some presents.
Brent got a lot of great things. Legos, bacon popcorn, Star Wars on bluray (yep, I caved), a Lowe's gift card and lots of fun cards.
This is Kyle's theme card. It says that Sebulba likes Brent. (Sebulba - and I might be spelling that wrong - is from Phantom Menace. He's kind of a bad guy so I don't know what that means for how Kyle sees Brent.)
Emma really wanted to help open presents but Chloe was on it. (Notice the bacon popcorn in Brent's hand. We haven't tried it yet. Honestly, I'm a little scared.)

We had a lot of fun just hanging out...

Cami and Sarah


Luz, Marcela and Dany
 We were so glad that Luz and Dany were still in town to enjoy the craziness!

We had some pie and cupcakes. Pie because Brent loves pie. Cupcakes because he chose a coconut cream pie, which I don't like, but I like cupcakes.

And we even got a little show from Cami, assisted by Emma.
I never got a good picture (note to self, must get a digital SLR), but I'll try to describe it. Cami got up on that little step and proceeded to pretend to sing. With her mouth open and arms out. It was hilarious! Then Emma got in on the action and jumped up there too. We had a good laugh.

I hope Brent enjoyed his party. I know I had fun!

Happy Birthday Brent!

Monday, February 06, 2012


And for your next installment of Daisy does the darndest things...
Yep. Here she is, sitting on the printer, chewing on the scissors. Why? I really don't know.

Sunday, February 05, 2012

Happy Birthdays!

(Brent updated our blogger and now it's somewhat hard for me to figure out. Don't worry. I'll get better at it!)

Yes, I really did mean "birthdays". On Friday we celebrated Cami's second birthday along with Marcela's birthday, since they are only a day apart. When we walked in the door, we were surprised to see Marcela's mom and sister there! Apparently not as surprised as Marcela was since Ryan and her family conspired for months to get them here. What a fun surprise!

And now onto the pictures.

Here is one of the birthday girls herself. Cami is a cute little thing. She was so confused by all the fuss for her. When everyone sat down to watch her open her presents, she came and sat with us. And then when the cake came out, she kept hiding her face. It was cute!
And birthday girl #2...Marcela!

I am a fan of her cute little sweater dress.
She wasn't super good at blowing out the candle, but we got it out anyway.

I thought I had some more pictures, but then I remembered that I had taken them with Ryan and Marcela's camera, so ... oops! Anyway...

Happy Birthday ladies!

Wednesday, February 01, 2012

40 Bags in 40 Days

Have I mentioned my love of Pinterest? I haven't? Well, I love it. And when I saw this challenge at the end of last year - ie the 40 bags in 40 days challenge - I got all excited and decided to try it.

What is a 40 bags in 40 days challenge you ask? Well, you make a list of 40 places in your house you want to organize/clean out. Then for the next 40 days, you work on one of them a day. This idea is great for me because I have a problem with getting overwhelmed and hiding in my room. Literally.

Anyway, I've been doing my 40 bags for the past few weeks now and it's a raging success. Here are some of the places I've organized...

I've also cleaned out the file cabinet, my shoe bucket, and the pantry, among other things.

It's actually quite cathartic for me! I will never be perfect at decluttering - I can still hear my Grandma saying that I might need that someday - but I am getting organized and I love having a specific place for a specific thing. It's great!

Off to my next bag!