Thursday, June 19, 2014

10 Months Old

I'm trying something new this time around. Hope it works! He's getting pretty darn big! And opinionated! Where did that come from?
Fun Statistics:
- He is now crawling like a normal baby. It's kind of slow, and he slams his hands down so you can feel him coming, but he's crawling.
- He plays peek a boo a lot! A lot a lot! It's very cute.
- He sings. He sings in church. He sings when he's looking at this book that I sing to him.
- He waves. Sometimes. It's kind of hit and miss.
- He says "Dada". He also says "Tsy" for Daisy. Mama however is just mostly whining.
- He's starting to get a sense of humor. He thinks he's SOOOO funny. And so do we.

Every day is a new adventure! Tomorrow we're going to the mountains for Youth Conference. It's Ty's very first Youth Conference.