Thursday, April 12, 2007

So Little to Say, So Much to Do

I started this post before my Mom and Grandma got here...didn't get it posted. Now I'll finish it and post it.

Boy, have we been busy lately! We're trying to get ready for my Mom and Grandma to come next week. We started the basement feeling like we would be done in no time. Well, everything always takes longer than you think. Then we decided we wanted to re-do the floor, so...everything seems to take longer than you expect.

Here's a reminder of what the basement looked like a few weeks ago.

Here's what it looks like today. A lot better, huh? You'll notice that the window still needs to be done and the floor is just bare cement right now. The yellow is nice, isn't it? Brent's going to work on the floor tonight. We want to get the floor done to the sub floor before Monday. I think we can do it.

On April 23rd, Sarah turned 8 years old. That means that she is going to be baptised on May 5th. Court wanted a picture of her in her baptism dress, so we tromped around their cul-de-sac and took some pictures. This is my favorite one. I think it's pretty cute.

Doesn't Kyle look awesome in his sunglasses. This is one of those rare times when he left them on. When you say his name, he looks up at you and says "Humm?" It's kind of funny. Even if he's running off around the corner and you call his name you'll hear his "Humm?" Silly boy.

I have to admit something that is a little bit hard for me to admit. I HAVE NO IDEA WHAT THIS PLANT IS! (I can hear the gasps from here.) I know what you're thinking - I thought Ashley was the "Plant Lady". Well, I'm not ready to give up my title yet, but if anyone knows what this stupid plant is, I would be very happy! It's kind of pretty and doing well, but...I would like to know what it is.

As I said, I started this post before my Mom and Grandma got here. Now to the fun we had while they were here!