Saturday, October 27, 2012

It's Soccer Time

Reyes is playing in a little soccer league right now so we went up to watch her today. It was a perfect Northwesty sort of day...cold and rainy.

There were only three girls from either team on the field at a time, and there really wasn't a goalie, and they didn't keep score...well, Ryan did, but they didn't...and it was really fun to watch!

She's ready

When she wasn't playing, she was sitting under my umbrella with me...

At one point, the Tigers got a goal...
Reyes was dancing.

The theme of their team is "If you had fun, you won."
Looks like she won! (They really didn't. They got PASTED, but they don't keep score. So it's ok.)


Mom said...

What a GREAT theme!!! It looks like she had a ball. Glad you were able to go and watch her play...even in the cold and rain!!!

Love you!

Jess said...

How cute is she! Love that you got to see her.

Chelsea said...

She's adorable! I don't like that theme. I totally think you can have fun without winning!

Katie & Jared said...

How fun!!! What a cute girl. Wish we could be there to watch her too! ;)