Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Thankful for Thanksgiving, Shopping AND Crafting!

Well, Thanksgiving has once again come and gone and I'm left wondering where the year has gone! I mean, it's only, let me count, 9 days until we head to our Birthday Extravaganza and Adventure! Wow! This year has flown by!

I'll go in order of what I said in the title. First of all, we're thankful for Thanksgiving! It was a pretty low key sort of day, well, except for the cooking. There was a lot of cooking going on. Brent cooked the turkey breast in the crock pot. It turned out GREAT! I think this might be the way to do it from now on.

Since Brent does the cooking, I'm in charge of the decorating - ie girly things he doesn't understand. So, I pulled out the china and set the table. I think it turned out rather nice.
Here's a close up of my super cute new place card holders...that were a pain to make in our little town!
I really like the end result though! Super cute!

Then Ryan, Marcela and the girls came down to share our meal. After dinner, I broke out the camera for a minute.
Marcela's looking at Brent because I was telling him to turn around and smile and he was being uncooperative.

It was a great day with great people and great food. Hope you all had a great day too!

As you know, I love to go Black Friday shopping. I normally hate shopping so I don't know what that's all about but I do love it. And this year Brent got to go with me. We did NOT go out on Thanksgiving, however. We decided there wasn't anything we really needed and I didn't want to make people work. So most of the stores were pretty quiet since everyone else had already been there. Well, except for Fred Meyer who is cool and still opens on Black Friday.

We got some good deals and had a pretty good time.
Not as big of a haul as other years, but still pretty good. (Have you seen Brave...super cute!) Oh, and I took a picture of something we're giving to some people on Christmas, so that's why it's blacked out.

And see, we're even still smiling at the end...
And, finally, we're also thankful for crafting! I recently started making my cards differently and I wanted to see if people would like the new design so when Marcela suggested having a mini craft show at her house, I jumped at the chance.
My super cool engineering husband built me a display - using magnetic paint - and off I went. The mini craft show went well. I sold quite a few things and it was fun. So when Marcela suggested we share a table at a real craft show, I agreed.
Look at that...my stuff at a fer real craft show! Unfortunately, the crowds that were buying in the morning left by the afternoon so I didn't do that well at this craft show. Once again making me question if craft shows are the way to go...maybe the internet is the way to go for me. Have you seen all my new pictures? If not, you should look.

Either way, it was still fun to do. I'm glad Marcela invited me. I think we'll have a mini craft show here after the first of the year. You should come, if you can.

And now I'm thankful that this post is done so I can stop thinking about it and get on with my Christmas gifts!


Mom said...

Your table was lovely!!! I had plastic things!!! Except for silverware. I like the new name holders - fer cute!!! Glad you had a nice Thanksgiving with nice people! Poor Brent looks like he was still a little sleepy! But what a good sport, no way would Dad go with me! Looks like you got a great haul! Is that a new purse for you?

The countdown is on for sure!!! Exciting!!!

Love ya

Jenny Moore said...

Wow Ashley, you are super cool!!
I love your table, it looks beautiful!!!
Wish we could have been Black Friday shopping!! Maybe next year!!!!
Love all your cards, super cute!
Love ya!

Jess said...

I am proud of both of you guys for doing a craft show! That is wonderful. Your Thanksgiving table looks beautiful. I love the place holders, super cute!

We didn't do any black Friday shopping this year :( It was lame. It looks like you guys had fun and got some good stuff!

Happy Christmas thinking now! AND holy cow, you are so close to your cruise. I am just a wee bit jealous!! :)