Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Pumpkin Walk - aka Standing in Line for Fun

I am on a roll! And I have the time, so I'm going to finish out our pumpkin exploits!

About a week ago, I was reading this email I get about fun things to do in our county. Normally they are things I already know about or things that don't sound too fun to me. But, this time, I hit the mother load! It talked about a Pumpkin Walk that you could do at Bainbridge Gardens. I didn't exactly know what a pumpkin walk was, but it sounded fun so we talked to Ryan and Marcela and decided to go on Saturday.

When we got to the nursery, we saw the line for the pumpkin walk. It was REALLY long, but we were there to have fun so we parked the car (in a super close parking space thanks to the small children we had in the car) and got in line.

While in line, Reyes posed for a couple of pictures. She also did this really great dance where she shook all over and skipped around. I guess she was excited?

Ryan and Marcela ready for some fun.

Don't forget Camila all decked out in stripes.

And then we entered the pumpkin walk. Let me try to explain. There's this trail through the trees and it's lined with hundreds of pumpkins. It was really cool. And smelled oddly like cooking pumpkin. Yummm...pumpkin pie!

This one says, "Welcome to Bainbridge Gardens" but it's kind of hard to see.

That giant pumpkin is eating the little one. Poor little pumpkin.

Hee hee...pack man. I admit, I didn't get it either at first.

And now for some of the other pumpkins we saw...

We got a kick out of this one. It says it's an "Mexican Alien Skellton" (and that is how they spelled it.) Hee hee

Who wouldn't love seen Toy Story in person?

I think Marcela wanted to hold Camila to keep warm, but that's just a theory.

Here we are with our obligatory scrunch picture...wait..who is that in the picture with us? It must be like that ride at Disneyland....

Seems like a good one to finish on.

We really did have a good time at the pumpkin walk. I think this might be a tradition as well. And, we found out that you can donate a pumpkin that you created too. What do you think, Wewa Peeps - next year a Star Wars Theme?

Although, I do have a mental note for next year: Bring 1) gloves and 2) small children so we can get a close parking space.


Jenny Moore said...

Wow, that looks like so much fun, except for the fact that it looked Cold...
Cute pumpkins!
Hey Ash, I saw pumpkin pop tarts!!! :)

Chelsea said...

Looks like a lot of fun. Where do you get these fun emails from?

Mom said...

Looks like you had a lot of fun!! Very cute idea. Why can you park closer because you have small children??? Funny...they don't have that here!

Jess said...

how fun. love ALL the pictures! I think those are neat to see all the different carvings.

Julie said...

Pumpkin walks are fun. Thanks for all the cute pics!