Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Pumpkin Picking - aka Slugging through the Mud

It has become a little bit of a tradition for us to go to Hunter Farms on Columbus Day to pick out our pumpkins for the year. We have yet to carve any, but we really enjoy picking them. Columbus Day was a gorgeous day this year so off we went with Brad, Court and the kids.

Here we are taking the hay ride out to the fields. You can just see the top of Brad's head but he's in the picture.

And here are the first pumpkins we saw. Hmmm...maybe that 3 inches of rain we had over the weekend was a bad thing. Luckily there were more that weren't in the water, just the mud. So off we went to find them.

Chloe and Kyle go off to the far end of the field, and promptly get stuck in the mud. The mud even sucked off Kyle's boot so he wasn't too happy. Thankfully a nice passer by helped them out of the mud since it was taking us so long to get to them.

I know you can't really tell by this picture but Court is, umm...let me count, I don't know - really pregnant. She's due in January. Getting around is not the funnest thing for her these days so she brought her chair and supervised the fun. I think that might have been a good idea - have I mentioned the mud?

Brad, Sarah and Aaron finding the perfect pumpkins.

Brent found my pumpkin. He knows the kind I like!

"Look, it's shaped like a heart."

Those are some good looking pumpkins.

Have I mentioned that Sarah is 5'1". Yeah, and I'm just under 5'4". Do you know what it does to your psyche when you look a 11 year old in the eye? ***I have been informed that Sarah is now 5'2". Great! That's much better.***

Someone sent out a memo - it was blue sweater day. I had on a blue sweater too. Funny...

Then we had a somewhat windy and cold picnic lunch. After our lunch, we explored a little more of the farm.

Aaron can always be found driving something or wanting to drive something. He's such a boy.

I didn't get a picture of it, but Kyle got in this old truck. When I walked passed he said, "Umm, Ashley, could you open the door?" He had closed the door of the truck but he couldn't get it open. So I tried...and tried...and tried to get the door open to no avail. I went and got Brad and he promptly got him out. Jeez, engineers, always making us regular folks look silly.

Chloe is an animal lover like me. She'd coming running back to where ever I was and say, "I found a baby goat!" or "I found a reindeer!" (I have to say, I wasn't sure it really was a reindeer, but it was. She's good.) The farm also had ponies, donkeys, LOTS of chickens, pigs (that chased everything else), llamas and alpacas. And a reindeer. Where do you get a reindeer? Not that I want one. Really, Brent, Daisy is good enough for me. For now...

This pony was so sweet. It would just sidle up to the fence and let you pet it. I think it liked a good scratch.

And to prove that I was really there...

I think this tradition will continue as long as Brent gets Columbus Day off!


Mom said...

Glad it wasn't that muddy last year but looks like it was a better day!! It is a fun place! Glad you got to go again!

Julie said...

Very fun!