Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Utah...Some More

Here are more pictures from Utah. I'll just explain as I go. They are in no particular order. (As I'm loading these pictures, I'm realizing that there are A LOT of pictures. Sorry if it makes it slow to load.)

Oh, and just in case you hadn't noticed - Brent blogged again.

We went to the community pool by Jess' house. The kids loved it. I hid from the sun. It was HOT - like 90 degrees - and SUNNY and I live in Washington. Enough said. This is Cayden and Rylee.

Rylee and Jayson playing with the toy that was the hit of the party. It's funny how the favorite toys kind of go in cycles.
Brent and his mom. Now remember - Brent had just had ALL four of his wisdom teeth out. (I'm happy to say, he's still just as smart as he's always been.) A woman Brent works with wanted me to take a picture to show how funny he looked when he was all swollen. He really didn't swell that badly. You could only tell when he smiled. I can tell he's swollen, but I don't know if anyone else would be able to.
Cute Cayden. We just don't get to see enough of him. He is the cutest little guy! And LOVES to help his dad. Jared is so nice to always let him help. I'm sure sometimes it would be easier to do on his own.
The fairy wings were also a huge hit. There goes Cayden.
He was flexing to show his cousins how big his muscles were.
Here are all the cousins that were there. We sure missed Steve, Jenny and their kids. I will tell you - trying to take a picture of all these kids is like trying to take a picture of a sack of squirrels. Somewhat impossible!
Katie was nice enough to have a birthday coming up, so we had a little birthday party for her. She and my dad share a birthday so it's easy for me to remember.
Jackson - I love your little smile!
This is Jacob. I hadn't ever gotten the chance to meet Jacob, which was really hard for me. But I instantly fell in love with him! He is a STURDY, SMILEY, FUN little guy! He sees a camera and he cheeses. I love that!
Jake again.
Jacob and Jackson are only about a month apart, but Jackson still looks a little worried.
Really Jared. Really.
Jared donned the fairy wings as well to teach them how it was done.

Jayson is not a fan of getting his picture taken. Reminds me of Brent.
I put this picture in for two reasons. 1) Julie looks really pretty. And 2) Jackson is sucking on his toes. I am both grossed out by this and mildly impressed.
Umm...ok...it must be a twin thing.
Look at that family all decked out and looking good for Tay's baptism.
I may have to go back to...Really, Jared. Really?
These little guys were born within six weeks of each other. That's Jacob, Camila and Jackson. I think it's so funny to see the difference in sizes when they are so close together in age. Won't that be fun for them - to have cousins that close in age? We're already planning the combined baptism.
Hee hee hee
Reyes used to not let me take pictures of her. Now she LOVES it. And after I take the picture, she wants to see it. What did we do before digital cameras?
Reyes is a fairy too!
Reyes' wet hair makes her look different, don't you think?
Quick - what do they have in common?
Love the pig tails Rylee!
Tayler is a little fish. She loves the water. I understand that! It's the sun I don't love!
If Tay is anything, it's a performer. She loves to put together a routine and perform for everyone.

Jared and Tay kept trying this trick. I don't think they ever got it completely, but they had fun trying.
Again with the favorite toy.
Doesn't she look pretty in her baptism dress? Thanks, Tay, for getting baptized so that we could all get together and have some fun!
Wow, she's strong!
Super cute D* family!
This was Brent and Ryan's "going to the pool". Brent still wasn't feeling too good after the wisdom teeth removal and Ryan had a stomach bug. I stayed with them because, well, I'm not a fan of the sun.

So, that pretty much ends our trip to Utah. As I said, I'm sure it's going to be another 5 years before we drive again. I'm pretty sure I'll have amnesia by then and think it's a good idea.


Jess said...

oh my heck I am laughing so hard at all your captions. I love your posts so much!

Anonymous said...

Too funny! Thanks for making me feel good and saying I look pretty! Oh, and Jared and I were doing the Greshen Urn... okay, it may be a twin thing! Great post!