Monday, October 18, 2010


I have a ton of pictures to post from September, so I might as well get started. (I probably should have gotten started a month ago, but...)

Here are some pictures from my Dad's birthday party.
The Man of the Hour...
Adrian and Linn
Danny and Jen
Brent (with his "Why are you taking my picture" face) and Mom
and..Sarah showing off her jack-o-lantern smile

Sadly, those are all the pictures I took when we were with my family. I don't know why I'm so bad at taking pictures when we're doing stuff. I enjoy the stuff we do. So, my goal for next time is to TAKE MORE PICTURES!

Brent and I drove to Utah so that we could bring some stuff back with us. We figured that we hadn't driven in over 4 years, so it wouldn't be too bad. I hate driving. I think we'll just ship stuff back from now on.

But, we did a lot of fun things with my family. Ate a lot of good food. Put together a great computer. Enjoyed each others company. And just had a great old time.

Plus, my mom and I found my new favorite store - Rod Works. It's AWESOME! If you are ever near a Rod Works, go in and think of me because I love that place!


Mom said...

We enjoyed having you there!!! And we had a lot of fun, too! Yes Rod Works is the best!!! I think of you whenever I am in there:)

Jess said...

Rod works is the best store. I have made several purchases from that store. Love it.

I'm glad you had a fun party for your dad. The pictures you did take are great.