Sunday, June 25, 2006

We're Having a Heat Wave!!!!

Before I forget again, here's something else from last week, so just pretend that this is still last week's entry....

Ryan and Marcela came over for dinner on Father's Day. Brent made his amazing lasagna! Everyone loved it. Marcela even asked for the recipe. We hand made, ok opened the box, a razzleberry pie. It was a fun time. Marcela is ready to get this baby into the world. She says she can't wait for the 4th of July. When asked why she says, "Because then I can have the baby anytime." I'm sure her mom hopes that it's after they get here on July 18th. It will be nice to welcome a new baby into the family! And, one with brown hair too! (One of these things is not like the other....)

Ok, now we're coming back out of the distant past to the current past. Monday night a member of our Stake High Council came over to meet with Brent...but more on that later.

Tuesday night was my last Young Women's activity. Le sigh! It was a water fight. With the boys no less. Here are a few things I learned from the water fight. When arming teenagers with water guys, don't try to give them rules to the game. They will just end up shooting whoever they want to. Don't stand near the Bishop because he has a big old target on him. Don't laugh when the bishop gets drenched because he will then come after you with a bucket. And, finally, Washington in June is too cold for a water fight!

Wednesday was Meggy's 6th birthday! We thought that Brent might be on a submarine that day, but luckily he got to talk to her. They talked and talked and had a great time. It was fun! We miss being near you guys!

Thursday was a bad traffic day! Brent and I work in Bremerton and we live in Port Orchard (actually we live at the red #2). There are only 2 ways to get to Port Orchard from Bremerton. You can take a foot ferry, which makes it hard to drive home. Or you can drive around the water...following the green route. Well, a truck carrying two huge air conditioner units from a ship they are recycling at the yard tipped over at the arrow and closed down the road. As you may or may not be able to tell, there is no other way to drive around, so basically, we were stuck. By the time we got off of work, they had opened the road again, but the back up was INSANE! So, we went to Costco after work. Unfortunately, we didn't wait long enough and it still took us about 1 hour to get home. It usually takes about 20-25 minutes. It was stressful! But, that's the joy of living somewhere where there is a lot of water!

Friday night Brent made pizza dough. He loves this chef from Food Network named Alton Brown. Alton has a show called Good Eats. Brent LOVES this show!!! We have a couple of the DVD's and one has a pizza dough recipe. It is an expert recipe, but Brent's pretty sure he can tackle it. You have to let the dough rise in the fridge for 18-24 hours, so he made it tonight.

Saturday, Brent had to work ALL DAY. I haven't had a day completely to myself for a long time. It was weird. I did a little yard work, then headed over to the library and Farmer's Market. There was a carnival going on too. I had to parallel park. I actually did it really well. Before my mom starts saying how good she is at teaching me in's a lot easier with your own car!

Last week when we went to the market I saw these CUTE fuchsias. They had these tiny blooms! And then when I found out they were called Little Witches, I had to have one. The lady selling them only had big plants, so she said she would bring me some starts this week, so that was why I went. I also got some kettle corn and cherries. It was such a beautiful day and the market is right on the water. It was great.

When Brent got home, he made the pizzas. They turned out really good!! Almost as good as Italian Village!! Here he is with his pride and joy! Here's what we learned from the pizza. You cannot substitute a pizza peel (the wooden thing you put the pizza in and out with) with a metal pizza pan. Waiting three minutes after the pizza comes out of the oven is very hard. And, finally, Brent is an expert chef! :) (Oh and I'm glad you can't see all the holes in the t-shirt he has on. This t-shirt is from before we were married. Boys, I tell you!)

And now to today! We went to our first meeting as members of the brand new Orchard Heights Ward. It was interesting. We only had Sacrament Meeting today since there weren't any teachers called or anything. We only have 7 active Young Men, so there are a lot of Elders passing the sacrament. Brent was called as......Ward Clerk! When asked what he thought of this, he said, "I hate meetings." That's my Brent. I as yet, don't have a calling. We'll see what the Lord wants me to do now. It's kind of exciting to be in a new ward. We're starting from scratch. The bishop is going to be good. He's funny and serious when he needs to be. (A perfect combination in a bishop if you ask me.) We're really looking forward to it.

I bet you're saying to yourselves, What was she talking about a heat wave. Well, yesterday was in the upper 80's. Today is the low 90's. Tomorrow is suppose to be in the mid-90's and Tuesday, the upper 80's again. This is VERY hot up here. The church doesn't even have air conditioning. (Kind of reminded me of Hawaii, but that's another story.) Our house gets rather hot too. Luckily, we have a basement that is actually under the ground, so we can hide out here. Plus it gets in the 50's at night and by Wednesday we are suppose to be back in the 70's. I'm soooo glad the air conditioning is working at work!!!!

Well, I'm off to help Brent with dinner. We're having copper river salmon! Have a great week all!


Julie said...

Ashley I love your blogs, you make me laugh! Great job on the pizza Brent!

Jen said...

okay that pizza looks great!!! Steve is thrilled that he has company in is clerkdom!!!
Sorry to hear about the heat, it is very very hot here too. We love a.c.!
Meggy was sooo happy to talk to you, she adores you!!!

Jess said...

I am impressed with all the food making going on.. actually I am really hungry now! Good job guys! Will you make me a pizza in Aug? :)

Sorry to hear about the traffic jam. That stinks!

Have fun in your new ward. It is kind of fun to start over again.

Love ya!

Anonymous said...

Holy t-shirts rock!

Court said...

I loved to hear all the WA info! Gorst is the worst! We've had a heat wave too - 97 degrees and super humid. Too much for me to handle. I can't wait to find out what your calling will be!
Love ya!