Friday, March 16, 2007

Alas, I am a March Madness Widow

Somehow, March seemed to sneak up on me this year. I don't know how many of you experience this phenomenon. March comes around, and all of a sudden my husband turns into a couch potato who yells at the tv a lot. I know this is not a completely localised event since Ryan's feeling on March is that the girls should go to work for the boys so the boys can watch basketball. Is it in their genes?

So, between Brent working a lot lately and March Madness, life is pretty quiet around here. I keep telling myself that I'm going to make a skirt for Easter, but I'm scared to start. I'm not the best sewer and I get frustrated easy. We'll see.

To all you brave women who have to deal with this March Madness thing, I sympathize with you! Keep your head up and just smile and nod when asked what you thought about that game. It will all be over soon!

Love ya Brent! :)


Jen said...

I guess you can be grateful it only lasts a month!!! He could be into every other sport in the world and constantly a couch potato.
There is a strange phenomenon here...Steve is really not into it this year...usually he is. Strange!
Good luck...the month is almost over!!!

Jess said...

You are funny! I am so thankful that BYU didn't go very far (shh.. don't tell Sean) because then it really would have been many games in a row!

Who is Brent cheering for?

Take care. Love ya!