Tuesday, March 13, 2007

We've Been Hit by the Pineapple Express

I was smart today - I didn't read about my friend before I blogged, so I will be depressed after. :)

What is the Pineapple Express you ask? Well, there are two answers.

In Hawaii, there is this place called the Dole Plantation. Since pineapples are one of the biggest exports of Hawaii (no longer the biggest because of Starbucks), you can go to this place and learn about the different kinds of pineapples and how to grow them. (Yep, that's Brent and his mom in front of the Dole Plantation.)

This is where pineapples come from. You learn great fact like it takes 18 months to harvest 1 pineapple. Each plant only give you 1 pineapple. Kind of makes you understand why pineapples are so expensive, huh?? The best part about all of this is that it's free!

Another amazing part of the Dole Plantation is the dole whip. Basically it is pineapple sherbet. Basically, the best pineapple sherbet you have ever tasted!! I have also recently learned that you can get a dole whip at Disneyland. We all know where I'm going to be the next time we're in Disneyland.

All of this explanation leads us all to what the pineapple express is. There is a train that you can take that shows you some of the pineapple fields. While you are riding on the train, you get serenaded by this Hawaiian group called Na Leo. We have a Christmas CD by them. Anyway, that's the Pineapple Express.

The other definition of Pineapple Express is a weather term. Basically, it's a front of warm, wet weather that comes from Hawaii and hits the Pacific Northwest.

As you can probably guess, we didn't get hit by the train from the Dole Plantation, but we sure did get hit by A LOT of rain and warm temperatures. It was 68 degrees on Saturday. And probably rained at least 2 inches overnight Sunday night.

Brent and I kept making funny jokes about the Pineapple Express. Stuff like, "Do you think it's bringing some pineapple juice?" And, "I wonder if we'll be able to hear Na Leo." Ok, not so funny now, but HILARIOUS at the time. Well, on Sunday, a woman in our ward who is from Hawaii spoke in sacrament meeting. She and her son sang a song in Hawaiian. We felt that was very appropriate for a Pineapple Express weekend.

Hope you have no Pineapple Expresses heading your way! Have a happy day!


Jess said...

OHHHHH.. I want one of those pineapple things! Yummy. I will have to get one at Disneyland day too!

Thanks for the pineapple info. Very interesting!

Love ya!

It's Cloudy Up Here said...

yummm.... Dole Whips. Thanks for making me drool!


Jen said...

I want to go to the Dole plantation! Those pineapple drinks look so yummy especially on a hot day!
We've been hit with the warm weather here...it's great!
Thanks for the info on pineapples, very informative!!