Friday, May 16, 2008

Ok, Seriously

It has been exactly one month since I blogged. What is up with me? I don't know where the days have gone.'s the wrap up. (I'm not even going to say that I'm going to try to blog more, because experience has shown that I'm not too good at that.)

Brent has been working A LOT lately. Especially this week. On Monday he worked about 16 hours. And he's working today which is his regular day off. Bah! He has been coming home tired, and yes, a little bit grumpy. He's having a lot of fun!

I've been doing YW stuff, planting, planting, doing school work, planting, hurting myself repeatedly, planting...did I mention I have a problem?

I can't believe it's May!! It's just crazy!

I know you're saying..."How have you been hurting yourself repeatedly?" Well, I'll tell you. I have apparently been trying to go to the emergency room. I haven't attained this goal yet, but I'm trying. A couple of Sundays ago, I fell in the shower, landing with all my weight on my right leg. I thought for a second that I had broken my leg and I was wondering how long it would be before Brent came home from church if I didn't show up. (He has early morning meetings, so we just meet at church.) Luckily, my leg wasn't broken, just bruised and I made it to church. :)

Wednesday night I was walking out to our newly planted garden and my right foot rolled into a hole, so when I went to catch myself with my left leg, my knee bent the wrong way. Again, I was wondering how long it would take Brent to realize that I was out in the backyard and come save me once he got home. Luckily, I could walk on it, but it is still really sore. How long do you wait to go to the doctor when you hurt your knee? I'm thinking Monday. :)

When I was a kid, my mom would joke that I had paid for the new emergency room at the hospital near our house. I was always there. I guess you never grow out of being clumsy.

Anyway, on to better things. It's going to be close to 90 degrees here today. That's why I'm hiding in our wonderful new basement. It stays much cooler down here. Tomorrow is suppose to be in the 70's again, so I'm looking forward to that.

Our yard is looking good. Most everything has started coming back up from last year and I've been planting like a crazy person lately. I still have a lot to plant, but it's going to have to wait until I can bend my knee again.

My mom's visit was great. Here are some of the picture highlights:
As promised, here are the selected pictures from the Skagit Valley Tulip Festival. I, not surprisingly, took about 10,000 pictures, so I had to narrow it down to these few...
And my favorite...And just to prove that we really were there and I didn't just download these pictures...

The scrunch picture!

If anyone ever wants to head up this way in April, I will happily go to the tulip festival with you. It's a lot of fun and Brent doesn't "need to go every year." :)

We also went to a couple of "beaches" around here. It was kind of cold, and windy, and rainy, but still fun. This picture is of Penrose Beach where apparently you are suppose to go clamming, since there were a ton of people there doing just that. I really should learn how to do that. About a week ago, someone actually got stuck in the mud at Penrose beach while trying to dig down to a geoduck (pronounce gooeyduck). What is a geoduck you ask? A really huge, supposedly tasty clam that you have to dig down about 3 feet to get.

This is a geoduck. I ask you seriously...would you eat this? I don't care how yummy they are, they don't look too appetizing. Doesn't it sometimes seem like a lot of food was tried on a dare?

And here we are getting in that last scrunch picture before the rainstorm came it. It was even a little cold for me that day. But it was fun looking for pretty rocks.

Hope everyone is having a glorious May day! :)


Angel said...

Seriously? People eat those things? That geoduck doesn't even look edible. But then again, I really don't like seafood.

Jess said...

Ash- I hope your knee gets better soon! That is horrible. I'm so sorry.

The tulip pictures are awesome! I love those pictures every year.
I'm glad that you had such a fun visit with your mom.

You need to post pictures of your beautiful back yard. :)

Love you guys!

Julie said...

Yeah, thanks for posting pictures Ashley! Although it does make for good blog stories, I hope you don't hurt yourself any more!