Wednesday, June 23, 2010

The Weather System

I guess the theme for our household lately is "Go big or go home."

We don't just adopt a cat, we adopt a cat with a broken leg.

I don't just accept one calling, I accept three. (One of which I've been released from - no more Ward Bulletin - Woho!)

Brent doesn't just make a scratching post, he makes a scratching event.

And...we don't just have a little rain gauge, we get a weather system.

It is AWESOME! It measures the wind, rain, temperature, wind direction, barometric pressure, phases of the moon and it even told me it was the summer solstice yesterday. AWESOME!

Here are some of my favorite features:
1) I love to see the barometer. Is it going up? (Hardly ever this spring) Is it going down? What's going on with the barometric pressure?
2) It measures how much rain there has been in the last 15 minutes. It turns out that even when it's POURING, you don't get as much rain as you think you did.
3) It tells you the high and low temperature over the last 24 hours. This is perfect for my gardening mind. You see, I put wall-o-waters around my tomatoes. Tomatoes don't grow well until the nighttime temperature is consistently above 50 degrees. So now I can track it for sure, in my backyard. (It has yet to get consistently about 50 degrees at night. Maybe this week. We're off to a pretty good start. Since Saturday it's been at least 50 degrees 4 out of the last 5 nights.)
4) It tells you how fast the wind is blowing. Don't ask me why that's exciting, it just is. I hate the HUGE wind storms we have in the winter, but now I'll be able to say exactly how fast the wind was blowing.

Basically, this proves it...I'm a weather nerd. So, if you ever want to know anything about the weather in my backyard, just ask. Chances are I'll know all about it.


Mom said...

Again...WOW! You really did go all out! That is you will be able for sure to tell me EVERYTHING about the weather! Glad you got released from the bulletin...I KNOW how much you LOVED doing it! (hee,hee!)
Love ya!

Jenny Moore said...

Slow down there girlie!!
Got to catch up on your blog!!!
Love ya!

Jess said...

you crack me up.. I love the saying " go big or go home" I am just going to call you and Brent for the weather in Seattle. That is a serious weather gauge.

Can't wait to see you. Counting down the days.