Thursday, October 14, 2010

Hey, I Really Am Capable

Do you know what I've done this week? Well, I'll tell you...

1) I've been "acting co-Relief Society President." It's kind of crazy, but I can do it.

2) I went and talked to a family in our ward about the funeral of their son. It was scary and kind of hard, but I did ok. Turns out I am a grown up. Who knew!

3) We were asked to make the programs for the funeral. So today, I made a program for a funeral. I actually made two different kinds. So they can choose, but I'm pretty proud of both of them.

4) I started decorating a cake. Yep, Marcela and I are taking a cake decorating class and last night we started really decorating cakes. I still don't love how it's frosted, but it looks kind of cute. When I get done with it, I'll post a picture. (I even fell asleep last night planning what it's going to look like. I know, I'm weird.)

5) I slogged through a TON of mud to find pumpkins with Brent, Brad, Court and the kids. (Kyle and Chloe got stuck in some mud and all we heard was, "Help" in this little voice. And Aaron found a tiny pumpkin and says, "Ally (that's what he calls me), I love my little pumpkin." Then he plants a big old kiss on it. Too cute. But that's another post. I promise. I really am going to post some stuff. Sometime.) I was looking at the pumpkins Brent and I chose and decided that they kind of look like us. Mine is short and round and Brent's is taller and skinnier. (Is that how you would spell that? It doesn't look right.) If I think about it, I'll post a picture.

6) And, to look forward to...I have a Stake Meeting tonight, a funeral tomorrow, and (to REALLY look forward to) a pumpkin walk with Ryan, Marcela, Reyes, and Camila on Saturday night.

Wooo...makes me tired. I know it's nothing like what Julie does every single week, but it's more than I do ... but I'm doing it.

Now off to have lunch. Hmmm....pbj or cheese sandwich? I don't know.


Courtney said...

I'm glad to hear that things are going well. I've been meaning to call you, but I'm having a hard time staying awake in the mornings. ;) I can't wait to see your pumpkin patch pictures. My squatty pumpkin is starting to rot on one side already. :( I wonder if it had been sitting in a bog and then someone moved it to where we had found it.

Mom said...

Sounds like you have done a lot this week with still more to do. You ARE capable! I miss the pumpkin patch that we visited last year - it was fun. Glad you got some cute ones. Good luck tomorrow - sounds like a long day. Glad you got your programs figured out...I'd like to see them. Have fun at the pumpkin walk!
Love you!

Katie & Jared said...

You are busy girl! Props to you on "acting" RS pres. That is a job I never want. You amaze me Ash.
Have fun with those pumpkins!
Love you!!!

Kathy said...

You ARE an amazing and capable woman! Believe in yourself always!

Julie said...

Oh, Ashley, you crack me up! Way to do all those grown-up things! Someday I'm going to be as cool as you! ;^)

Post Pictures!