Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Just Like Betty Crocker

Well, not quite, but I digress.

To take a break from our super fun travels, I thought I would tell you what I did today.

Since Courtney is SUPER pregnant, and all the kids are home, I said that I would take the girls for a day of baking yummy treats.

Here was my plan:

Sounds simple enough.

So we start the cookie recipe. It's a new one but I'm a pretty good baker so it's going well. Then the dough has to sit in the fridge for 2 hours and we begin the lollipops. I don't have any lollipop molds, nor could I find any in our little town, but I wasn't worried. We could just free hand them and make them somewhat amoeba shaped.

Ok, Step 1 - bring the corn syrup and sugar to a boil. Easy peasy.

Step 2 - boil with the lid on for 3 minutes. Done.

Step 3 - continue to boil until it reaches 300 degrees. No problem. You see, I've made candy before so I have my trusty candy thermometer. I set the alarm to go off at 300 degree and kept telling the girls how hot it was so please don't spill any on you.

I checked the thermometer and it said that I still had about 20 degrees to go. And I looked at the candy and it looked good. I'm so amazing, I thought.

Then, as it got closer to the desired temperature, Sarah said, "Hey, it looks almost red." Oh no!

So, step 3 - umm, check?

Step 4 - pour onto aluminum foil in pretty amoeba shapes. Done.

What do you think?
Amoeba shape - no problem. Non burned, yummy flavored lollipops - ummm...not so much.

The girls didn't like them much either.

But, the cookies were a raving success!

Maybe I should have checked my candy thermometer like it said to in the recipe. Oh well, live and learn.


Courtney said...

But you DID check your thermometer! Bummer deal on the lollipops. The cookies are great though! Thank you for the quiet afternoon. I took a short nap after I got Aaron down for his and Kyle watched Scooby Doo. :)

Chelsea said...

You should have asked the Hoecherls. I heard all about their homemade suckers that they made in YW last week. I don't know if I've ever had a homemade sucker. From the looks, I'm not sure if I want too, but sounds tasty!

Mom said...

I've never seen a brown ameoba with a red center before!!! Too bad they turned out that way. If I see some cute sucker molds in my travels I will get you some. I guess the lesson you learned was to cook it a shorter amount of time. Glad the cookies were good. Love the girls "yicky" faces!!

Jess said...

You are the woman! Way to give it a try. That is something we were suppose to do that we never made it too. I will have to try lollipops sometime.

The cookies look delicous! What a great friend you are.

Kathy said...

You get an award for "Best Best Friend" just for trying. I love that you captured those funny pictures!