Thursday, December 16, 2010

This is the Amazing Race

I've told you before about my obsession with the Amazing Race. I LOVE watching it. I, however, know that I would NEVER be able to be on it. For one, I have no need/want to be on tv. And for two, I don't always do good under pressure.

But, while we were at Epcot, we got to play a game that was kind of like the Amazing Race. It was based on the Disney Channel show Kim Possible. Since I don't watch the Disney Channel, I don't really know what the show is all about, but the game was cool. You got a kim-municator that told you where to go and what to do.
When Brent was looking through the pictures later, he said, "I didn't even know you were taking a picture." I'm so sly.

So, our kim-municator took us all over the world. We went to Mexico
where we made a guitar play all on it's own and saved the world from a killer rocket that was shot out of a volcano. (And had really good Mexican food.)

Then we were off to Japan
to have some sushi and catch a scary baby robot inside a department store.

Our next mission was to Germany
where we made a huge cuckoo clock go off outside.

After the mandatory 12 hour rest, it was on to China
where Brent had to say the code word to a sales person to get our next clue. (Obviously, this was his favorite mission) But we found the jade monkey!

Just a hop skip and a jump to Norway
where we found where we were going by the smoke coming out of the chimney.

Ah, Paris
We even got a picture taken from the top of the eiffel tower.

And, last of all, we got to go back to England
where I had to say to a salesperson in a tea shop, "Danger is my cup of tea." To which he replied, "This is my cup of tea, good luck agent." It was embarrassing, but we again saved the world.

It was a long day of traveling, but well worth it! I think this might have been my favorite part of Epcot! It was, after all, just like the Amazing Race!


Angel said...

Yeah, Roy and I have the same obsession with the Amazing Race (love that show). It sounds like you had an amazing time on your trip -- I am super jealous. . .

steve said...


You look hot in mouse ears...

...just sayin'.

Courtney said...

Fun! I bet the girls would love that.

Jenny Moore said...

I'm glad you saved the world!!!
We trust you Super Agents!!!
Love the ears!!!

Mom said...

And you didn't even have to do Roadblocks and got to eat good food instead of "foreign favorites!" and didn't have to fight over the maps!!! Good Job!! Hey, you can NEVER be embarassed in Disneyland, World, etc....everyone there relies on fantasy!! Sounds like a fun, fun time!! We have GOT to go in 2012!!!

Julie said...

I love epcot and the chance to see the world without have to fly for hours!

I'm so glad you saved the world... I'm definitely sticking with you in 2012!

Chelsea said...

That looks like a lot of fun! I would totally love that! I also love the Amazing's like we were separated at birth or something.