Wednesday, January 05, 2011

Family Fun Week!

After our Florida adventures, we took a quick flight up to Atlanta to visit the M* family! We hadn't seen these guys for WAY TOO long and it was a great week. Unfortunately, three of the four kids ended up getting strep throat, but it was just fun to be together.

I didn't take a ton of pictures, because, well, sick kids don't make for good picture taking, but here are the ones I did take...This one will probably never be repeated! I am up and dressed and ready to go shopping at 4 o'clock in the morning. I didn't even know there was a four o'clock in the morning. Why did I do this, you ask? Well, I have some really cute nieces who really wanted to go - I know, I'm a push over. And my inner clock was already messed up so I figured what the heck! We did have a good time and there are a lot more stores close to Jenny's house than my house. Maybe that's part of my problem. I fall asleep in the car when we go to Costco when it isn't 4 am.
There were a ton of leaves in the backyard so Emmy started to rake them up. Apparently she wasn't raking fast enough because then we saw Alyssa out there with the rake twice as big as she was. Eventually the pile was big enough to jump in, but those pictures come later.

Cute Alyssa

Eli has an addiction to Jenny's hair. He is CONSTANTLY playing with it. Then I caught him brushing Brent's hair. It was funny.

I said let's get doughnuts, not a flat tire. When we came out of our last store, we noticed that the tire was completely flat. Not to worry...I am my father's only son, I can change a tire. Then I realized that I didn't even have a CLUE where the spare tire would be since I have never had a minivan. While we were trying to find it, a very kind man came and changed the tire for us. He had a van that was the same year so he knew where everything was. That was really nice of him. Unfortunately, the spare tire was flat as well, so we got to see how many people we could fit into Steve's Mini. Turns out 5, but not very comfortably or legally. But we got home and everything got fixed. But my question is, why does it always have to start raining when you have to change a tire?
Isn't Eli about the cutest two year old you've ever seen? He really is. Right up to the point where he screeches, "MOMMY DO IT!" Then you're reminded that he is, after all, two. But still cute!

Em and I had some fun that week since she was the only child who did not succumb to the sickness. Here she is doing nail art.

We also made these super cute turkeys to decorate the Thanksgiving table. It was a lot of fun!

Meg was so excited to do some shopping after Thanksgiving. And she did really well, almost the whole morning. She is a great little shopper and not at all shy about telling you what looks good and what doesn't. I appreciate that. :)

Not a good look, but funny!

The pile is nearly finished and ready to be played in!

Brent and Jenny made us some amazing meals while we were there. Jenny shared her recipes and Brent told her basically how he makes things since he doesn't use recipes, nor is anything ever the same twice. But usually good.

We had corn bread stuffing for Thanksgiving because I thought that sounded a bit more Southern. Then we were told that people in the South call it dressing, not stuffing. My Grandma called it dressing. Interesting. It was really good. I don't care what you call it, it is now my favorite kind of stuffing!
Since the kids didn't think it would be good to get sick all at the same time, we had quite a few visits to the clinic to get antibiotics, so Brent got to stay with the remaining kids. They played Wii. And had a lot of fun doing it.

And so concludes the random pictures from Atlanta. On our last day, we did go to the Atlanta Aquarium. It was awesome! I took A LOT of pictures. It deserves it's own post.



Jenny Moore said...

We LOVED having you with us!
It was too hard to stay goodbye...we love and miss you!!!
We did manage to have fun even with sick kids and you managed to avoid it which was even better!!!!

Courtney said...

Super cute picture of Eli! And they have a huge backyard! That is also a good picture of you at 4 am. Way to go! I'm glad you guys had such a nice time on your vacation. :)

Mom said...

It looks like you had the BEST time on this vacation. Lots of fun things to see and do and great people to enjoy Thanksgiving with...I am a little miffed though that they could get you to go shopping at 4am when I NEVER could (ha!)

Anonymous said...

Ashley you are even smiling at 4am! Too funny! I'm glad you had a great trip. Even though the kids were sick it didn't seem to keep you from having a good time. Thanks for sharing your cute pictures and all your adventures with us!

Julie said...

Sorry, that last comment was from me!