Thursday, January 19, 2012

Frozen Mayhem!

Well, it's happened. I've been fearing this for years now. A freezing rain storm has struck. So, on top of the 4-5 inches of snow that we got yesterday is now a nice layer of ice. Eek!

This is what the deck looked like last night after the snow stopped. Not too bad. It's what it looks like now too only the top layer of snow is really ice.

And the front of the house. You can barely see Brent's beautiful retaining walls.

I don't know, can you see the layer of ice on top of the snow? I can, but I know what I'm looking for.

And the layer of ice on the blueberry bush on our deck.

But the funniest think I've seen with this snow storm is this hummingbird on the dead fuchsia outside our kitchen window. It eventually flew away but I was so surprised to see it!

Hopefully you're warm and happy where you are. We're warm, but I don't know if Brent's going to be happy...he's suppose to go to a basketball game tonight in Seattle and I'm not sure I'm going to let him. Freezing rain scares me!


Mom said...

WOW...looks bad! I hate freezing rain, too - very scary. Glad you are having a second snow/freezing rain day and don't have to go out in it!! Bundle up and Stay Warm. That is funny about the frozen pizzas...I guess if the power goes out they can use them for frizbee's!

We were supposed to get your storm here, but it has been raining - at least in the valley's! That is fine with me!! They are saying snow this weekend though...time to buy the frozen pizzas!

Now, I have always wondered where hummingbirds go in the winter. Looks like that one is confused!! Poor baby. I would have mixed him up a batch of food (although he looks pretty big!!)

Take Care and love you!

Mom said...

I just wrote a comment but it said it didn't no if you get two, that is why!

WOW - looks like you have been having a LOT of fun! I hate freezing rain, too - it is scary. I could see the top layer of ice on everything. No fun. Just bundle up and enjoy your 2nd snow/freezing rain day!!

That is funny abour the frozen pizza's - I guess if the power does go off and they can't cook them, they can play a rousing game of frisbee!!!

We were supposed to get your storm here, but all it has really been doing is raining (which is FINE with me!!) - although we are supposed to get snow this weekend! Time to buy some frozen pizza's!

I've always wondered where hummingbird's go during the winter! Looks like this one got confused!! I think I would of hurried and made him a batch of food - but he looks big, so I guess he is ok?!

Take care and love ya!

Jess said...

Yikes.. Freezing rain is scary. Make him ice skate to Seattle :)

Jenny Moore said...

Freezing rain scares me too!!!