Thursday, August 31, 2006

Just Waiting

Hello all! I can't believe it's already been so long since I've posted. Where does the time go??

I'm sitting here waiting for my parents to get here. They're driving all the way from Utah...they should be here in about an hour. I hope everything is going well. They're going to be here until next Wednesday. I'm excited for them to be here and also excited that I have some days off. It's been so nice this morning.

Here's the craziest bit of info! They started repaving our road today. They leveled it and everything about 3 months ago and they pick today to pave it. I have a long walk out to meet my parents when they get here, but oh well... They are suppose to get done today at 4, so keep your fingers crossed.

Oh and I can't remember who asked, but no, Jared did not actually win the fight with Brent. He was once again pinned quickly.

Time has just flown by, as I said. We've been playing with Brad and Court, working and doing our callings. It's a good life. :)

On Sunday, Ryan, Marcela, Luz and Reyes came down for dinner. It was probably our last chance to see Luz since she leaves on the 6th, so it was fun. She thinks Brent is a good cook, which he is. :) Here's the new pictures of Reyes. I can't believe how big she is getting!


After... Big, huh??

She has really dark eyes, dark curly hair and her eyebrows are already coming in. It was so fun to see all of them! Marcela is doing good...getting the hang of this mom thing. Ryan is good as always and Luz was fun to talk to about plants. Yep that's right, she's a plant lady too! :)

Well, after a little while, Brad, Court and the kids came over too. Brad had never seen our house, so we gave him a quick tour. The kids decided it was time to dance, so we got quite a show...

They like-a do the cha cha!

Look how big Kyle is getting!
He's around 16 months and into everything and a chatter box! He is such a lovie little kid...

We had quite a houseful on Sunday and we just loved it! Too much fun!

I had better get going...have some stuff to do before my parents get here. Have a great one!


Jess said...

How fun that your parents are coming! I should have jumped in the back of their car too! (Dang it.) I'm sure Rylee and Tayler could fend for themselves during the day! :)

Just kidding, but have such a fun week! I can't wait to see pictures. I love the one of Reyes. She is getting big. She needs to stop that until I can see her though.

Seriously don't they choose the worst days for road construction. Have a nice little jont!

Love ya.

Jen said...

Hope you are having a great time with your parents there!
cute pictures of Reyes, she is getting big!!

Jess said...

Ash we miss you! How was the time with your padres? I'm sure it was awesome.

Hope you guys are doing well.

Julie said...

Hey Brent and Ash! Like your title, I'm just waiting for some more posts and hearing what you guys are up to! So, I hear a rumor that you are going to Hawaii again??? Can I come? When are you going?

Love ya!