Sunday, August 20, 2006

Sittin' on the Dock of the Bay...

Ok, so I'm not sitting on the dock of the bay, but that is a really good song that always reminds me of good times.

Can you believe it's only been 2 days? I can't.

We've had a good weekend. Brad got home from San Diego on Thursday night. He decided to surprise Court by coming home a day early and we were in on the surprise. Then the phone rings and it's Court asking Brent to come over and fix their door knob downstairs. (Chloe locked it then shut it, and they couldn't get in.) So, we went over there and were there when Brad pretended to call from San Diego but he was actually at the airport. It was funny. Court had no idea. She was really surprised when the doorbell rang and it was him.

Anyway, we did a lot of errands on Saturday...Costco, Joann's, Fred Meyer, etc. Not a ton of fun but needed to be done. Then we went over to Court and Brad's and talked for like 5 hours. Isn't it great having friends you can do that with? We certainly love it.

I taught in YW's today....Personal Purity through Self-Mastery. I like these really meaty subjects! I also really like the girls...they are so willing to be open and honest and really ask questions. I love that. Most of them just got back from a trip to Sacramento to go to the Temple open house. I of course couldn't go because of work - I miss out on all the fun. Oh well. I get to teach and be there on Tuesday nights. ;)

Brent of course had meetings this morning. He loves meetings. Next week is Stake Conference so he's pretty sure he's not going to have meetings. He is really excited about that.

When we got home I took a long nap. It was great!

Ok, on to the pictures. Hmmm...what to share today....I've got it.

The Linton boys were dressed fairly identical on the day of the blessing. So, they decided to pose for some pictures. Hilarity ensued.
To be continued....


Jess said...

Holy Cow I was so shocked and HAPPY to see another post when I clicked on your link. Hooray triple for DSL!
Love the pictures. Aren't they such nerds!
Glad you had a good weekend. I'm sure you did fabulous teaching. Good job.

Jen said...

Wow...all the boys together..those are great pictures...wish we could have been there!