Monday, January 01, 2007

Happy Birthday Grandma Cherryl

I had to start a new post because the last one was very sad, at least for me.

Today is my Grandma Cherryl Zina Morris Lund Rose's 77th birthday. That's right, she is turning 77 in 2007. It must be her lucky year! Happy Birthday Grandma! I love you!

I wanted to put in some pictures of her, but I was having a hard time deciding which ones, so I went with these two. Here is Grandma in Hawaii when she and my mom came to visit us last year. We were driving around the island and Brent mentioned that coffee has now become the biggest crop in Hawaii. When she heard that, all she wanted to do was see what a coffee plant looked like. We finally found one at the Dole Plantation. It's a big shrub with red berries on it. She was so excited. Ahhh, my silly Grandma.

This one just cracks me up! I know it's kind of hard to see what she's doing, and this needs some background information. My grandma feels that the best thing to kill bugs with is your fingers. She will squish anything between her fingers. This is not something I inherited from her. I find it to be GROSS! The only thing she doesn't like to squish with her fingers are tomato worms. For those of you who don't know what those are, they are these HUGE GREEN catapillars that eat your tomato plants. So, how does my grandma kill those? She steps on them. And green goo spurts out both ends. It's horrible. Anyway, in this picture she's pretending to squish a snail. Normally she just throws those in the street to get cooked. I say she's pretending to squish this snail because the shell was AT LEAST 2 inches long. It was like the Northwest slug's really big cousin. (This is all in Hawaii) She didn't squish it, but she would have done something to it had it been in her yard. Oh, here's a weird aside - don't step on snails. The eggs can get on your shoes and you can take them back to your own yard.

My Grandma Cherryl is pretty much the opposite of a "normal" grandma. She really doesn't like to cook (except she does make good candy), she isn't really great with children - they kind of get on her nerves, and she is pretty sure that a little dirt never hurt anyone. I absolutely love that about her. She marches to her own drum and even if sometimes that just DRIVES ME CRAZY, I still love her so much for it!

Happy Birthday Grandma! We love you!


Minerva said...

That's an awesome long name of hers. I had a great uncle Jack John Jones Smith, which I thought was a really cool name, but she's got him beat!

Jess said...

Happy Birthday to you!!