Tuesday, January 23, 2007

A Very Good Christmas Gift

One of the Christmas gifts Brent gave me was tickets to a hockey game. Some of you may say, "What a completely stupid gift!" Whereas I said, "Yahoo! This should be great!" So, we had a really great date night in Seattle! That's what I like about living here. We live close enough to a big city to enjoy it, but far enough away that we don't live in a big city. :)

As we were driving to the game, this was the view we saw outside our very dirty car window. Even with the dirty window it's a great picture!!

I didn't realize that the Seattle Thunderbirds would have such small players. Hmmm....Just kidding. This is the between the periods entertainment. If you've never been to a hockey game, it's worth going just so you can see the little tiny kids trying to play hockey. There was one who kept scoring goals and doing a little dance then falling down. It was cute.

Ahh, that's more like it. We cheered for the Seattle Thunderbirds even though they were playing the Everett Silvertips. It was a pretty exciting game. The Silvertips made their first goal in about 1 second, but then the Thunderbirds scored one soon after. It was tied at the end of regulation. The overtime was REALLY LONG! First, I think 5 minutes of play, no score. Then 3 from each team tried to make goals, still tied. Then I think everyone on each team tried to make a goal in the sudden death before the Silvertips made the winning goal. Exciting!! Needless to say, neither team was NHL material. They fell down a lot. But it was awesome anyway!

I think we must be the reigning king and queen of scrunch pictures. They're the best! Oh, and I even got Brent to pay for parking. It was AMAZING!! :)

That's pretty much it for now. I'm almost caught up. Wow!

See ya!


Jess said...

That is a great gift for both of you to enjoy! Nice job Brent (and you even paid for parking-- what are you Dad??)

That view is gorgeous! I'm glad you captured it.

Hope you had a great weekend! Take care!

Jen said...

Cool gift...looks like fun! Pretty picture even through your car window!
My poor car finally got a bath today..it's nice to see clearly out of the windshield!!

Julie said...

That is a cool picture Ashley! Brent I'm so proud of you going all out on your date and paying for parking and everything!

Sounds like a fun night.. I wouldn't mind going to an Avs game, but tickets are so expensive!

Minerva said...

I love hockey!! Glad you had fun!