Thursday, August 09, 2007

The Dating Years

Brent and I dated for 1 year and 9 months. I knew from pretty early on that Brent was the one for me. I think he knew that I was the one for him too, but it took him longer to get brave enough to "settle down." He also wanted to finish his associates degree from Utah State. So, I was patient .... and we had some fun times together.

After our first date, Brent and I flirted a little bit on the internet. (This was quite a few years ago - nothing like the internet now.) I remember being at our friend Roy's place using his computer to email-ish Brent. Brent had sent me an email with a lot of weird questions, and one that I really liked. I remember one of the questions was, "Why do octopus need 8 legs? I only have 2." Stuff like that that I thought was so cute! Then, hidden in the weird questions was, "When are you going out with me again?" Roy had seen that question and said, "He must really like you, he doesn't go out on a lot of second dates." I was very happy!

Our second date turned out to be riding my horses. Being the dorky animal person I am, I wanted to introduce him to my horse Sar as soon as possible. Sar never liked Brent. If we were ever in the paddock and Brent hugged me or something, Sar would push his way in between us. Who says animals don't feel emotions - Sar seemed a little jealous to me.
Here are a few snipits from our dating years.

This is fairly early on in our courtship. Brent wasn't really into showing that he liked me around other people yet, but if you look hard, he's holding my hand. :)I was working at Fred Meyer while I was in school. One day at work, I was lifting a big old bag of dog food so I could scan it and I hurt my back. The only thing I could do for a couple of days was lay on our couch. So, Brent says he'll come over and keep me company. He brings his Calvin and Hobbes books so he can read to me. The problem was, he laughed so hard while he was reading it that I couldn't really understand what he was saying. Truthfully, I thought it was the cutest thing I had ever seen or heard. It is one of the reasons that I fell in love with him.

One weekend, Court and I went down to Salt Lake for the weekend - I can't remember why - and Brent didn't come with us. When we got back, our room was FULL of balloons and streamers. After the initial surprise wore off, we thought it was pretty funny. Then Brent shows up and starts playing around. He puts a couple of balloons up his shirt and does a fun dance to "Queen of the Night" from Whitney Houston. What a crazy guy!

I put this picture in just because my hair is straight in it. It took forever and I don't really like it, but it was fun for that night. Doesn't Brent look cute in a suit? I wish he would wear them more now. (Hint hint Brent)
As you may or may not have figured out, we went to Utah State University in Logan, UT. (Go Aggies.) There is a tradition at USU where you kiss on the A (above) and become "True Aggies." This is what the plaque says, just so you understand what it's all about.
"The 'A' ... where a kiss is more than just a kiss ... here it is a rite of passage.
"The 'A' was built in 1916 by a group of enterprising young men known as the 'Be-Nos'. It's purpose was to serve as the site of a initiation ritual wherein each young man had to kiss a willing young lady atop the 'A' under a full moon at midnight.

"This ritual spread across the entire campus and became known as the method by which one could attain True Aggiehood.

"One can still become a True Aggie with a kiss on the 'A' under a full moon at midnight by one who is a True Aggie or on Homecoming night by one who is not."

When you became a True Aggie, they give you this great card...
And now, to the last story. My roommate Heather was the first one to get married out of my friends. She got married in the Salt Lake Temple. So, all us roommates went down to Salt Lake to spend a rainy wedding day with her. Brent said that he had to work so he wouldn't be able to come down for the reception. I was sad, but I understood. Then....
he surprised me by showing up. He had on an ugly tie, but I was really glad to see him and have a date! It was a great surprise!

We had a great time while we were dating. It was really fun!


Laura said...

What great stories! I love them!

Jess said...

Brent and his ugly ties.. wonder where he learned that from?? We are so happy that you looked past things like that Ash! We think you are great and can't WAIT to see you.

Love you guys!

I really do love reading these posts.

Julie said...

Very fun stories. I love Brent's octopus question... that is so Brent! :^)