Tuesday, August 21, 2007

The Engagement

One day, and I seriously can't remember the exact date, Brent asked me out on a date. We went to Ogden and had dinner at Training Table - which is by the way the best place to eat!!! I paid for dinner - later that bugged me - and we went on a drive. We ended up in Logan Canyon and Brent kept stopping at weird places all the way up. I had no idea where we were because it was really dark, but he'd drive for a little bit, stop, then drive for a little bit, stop... It went on like that until we got to the top of the Canyon and came back down. (I later found out that he was looking for the place we had been for the bonfire on our first date, but couldn't find it.) Then we got to First Dam at the base of the Canyon. We got out and were talking and Brent was acting kind of weird. All of a sudden, this cop comes up and tells us we have to leave because the park is closed. I say ok and head for the car, but Brent says, "No wait a minute."

Then he gets out this box and says, "Will you marry me?"

To which I enthusiastically replied, "Of course."

And then he said, "Are you going to cry now?"

And I even more enthusiastically said, "No" through tears.

We, of course, hugged for a minute, then went back to my apartment where ALL my roommates were waiting. They "had a feeling" that something special was going to happen. So we all giggled and laughed, as girls do, and Brent felt out of place. Court wanted to take a picture of us, but Brent was in no mood, so this is what we got...
That's my Brent - to a tee!!
I've often thought about our engagement after that. One time Brent joked that he was going to say something like, "Is that a hot air balloon?" and when I looked, he would slip the ring on my finger. I think the way he did it was perfect for him. He's not one for pomp and circumstance. He loves surprising me and he surely did that night. I wouldn't change it for the world!
Next time ... the wedding!


Jess said...

Seriously he made you pay for dinner? Lame brent :)

Did you know they closed that Training Table in Ogden. I'm still not sure why?

I love the story (again!) How funny that a cop came right then.

Love ya!

Julie said...

That is pretty rude that Brent made you pay for dinner! So, what was the date that you got engaged?