Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Ok Ok

I have been on a kind of "anti-blogging" kick lately. There really hasn't been a reason, I just haven't felt like blogging. Here are a couple of the reasons I can think of:

1) I just don't feel like anything very exciting has been going on around here. Life is just life right now. I may need a vacation!

2) I've been having some, let's say, problems with one of the leader's in YW's and I'm really upset by it all.

3) I started taking classes to become a medical transcriptionist. Apparently that takes up my blogging time.
4) I just don't feel like anything very exciting has been going on.

5) The sun has decided to visit us here in the Pacific NW and I just want to be outside.

6) I just don't feel like anything very exciting has been going on.

Maybe it's all of them put together. So, here's to catching up. I can't really remember what I've said so I'm just going to go with this year.

Yesterday was my love's birthday. He is now officially in his mid-thirties, or so Court informed him. I don't know how he liked that, but hey, age is just a number, right?

I got him these knives for his birthday. Soon after he opened them, he started making "Psycho-esk" movements and I decided that maybe that wasn't the best gift. Did someone say he was in his mid-thirties?

I also drove about 1/2 hour to get him Panda Express for dinner. He was excited and so was I. I mean, I got some for me too!

Saturday was Brad's birthday, so we went over to play some Guitar Hero. Well, Brad and Court played really well, while Brent and I never even finished a song. I'm a little addicted though. I really want to finish a song! I mean, seriously! We decided that playing the piano really helps with Guitar Hero.

Brent is pushing to get the basement done. It has been in a state of construction for about a year now and we're getting really tired of it!!! It's nice that we can just forget we have a downstairs though. But it will be SUPER nice to have it done.

With the money he earned on TDY in Connecticut, Brent bought an air compressor, and a new cordless telephone, but that's not the story. Anyway, I just had to laugh when I looked downstairs and saw his get up to spray texture on the ceiling. (We had popcorn ceilings until a couple of weeks ago.) He had put newspaper on everything that was not suppose to be textured. And an old sheet so it didn't come upstairs. It was funny.
At Christmas when we were at Ryan and Marcela's, I took this picture of Reyes. It was so cute how she would go running to the window every 2 seconds and just talk to the outside. Fer Cute! (The YW have been teasing me about saying that lately, so I've started saying it on purpose.)
The other day I was over at Court's and she got a package with new church clothes for Kyle. I was trying to help her get him in the new clothes and he kept saying to me, "I don't want to be white! I want to look like Buzz Lightyear!" He's nutty. I hate to tell you Kyle...you are white.

Aaron has started to smile! Well, not in this picture, but I still think it's cute. He still doesn't really like me to hold him, but he'll smile at me when someone else is holding him.

And finally, spring is starting to make it's presence known up here. The crocus are out in full force. The iris are starting to bloom and I bought my first bedding plants of the year....

Happy Spring! (I know some of you are still in places where there is a lot of snow. Just remember, spring is coming. I promise!)

Have a great day!


Court said...

Yay! You're back! Not that I'm very good about keeping up on my blog!
And I'll try to stay away from Brent and his knives...

Angel said...

It is good to see you up and blogging again. I know what it is like when you feel like you have nothing to say. I hate blogging just because I feel like I am supposed to.

Welcome back!

Jess said...

Fabulous re-cap Ash! I am glad that you are back.

Sorry about not getting along with someone you are kind of forced to try and work things out with. I 100% know how that is and it is a bit miserable.

I love all the pictures you posted.

Congrats on becoming a medical transcriptionist. I always thought that sounded fun and almost did it before nursing school.

I have heard guitar hero is way fun, and SO addicting. I really want a WII.

Take care! Love ya

Jen said...

Hey Ashley-
Don't beat yourself up...we all go through blogging ups and downs!
Your life is great!! We love to hear even what you consider mundane!
Love the knives for Brent's birthday but is he safe to play with knives?!!

Anonymous said...

Ashley I think you still have me beat on being a better blogger... you rock!