Wednesday, August 13, 2008

What I Learned at Camp

As I said, I spent a few days at Girl's Camp last week. This is the first time I have EVER been to camp, so it was an eye opening experience. I learned quite a few things.
1) You really start to miss your couch after sitting on hard benches for a week.
The inner tubes became really popular. After the first day of sitting on the hard benches, I know my bum was tired.
2) Regardless of what life brings, somedays you have to dance.
This is our sweet little girl with down's syndrome. She loves music and loves to dance. She also had some tough nights and days. But...despite it all, some days you have to dance!
3) Making your own lunch on camp stoves can be exciting.
Ok, so teenagers can't show excitement about much. I was just proud of myself for not playing with the matches - I'm a pyro - or burning off my eyebrows!

4) An air mattress is a must to sleep on while camping.
When I was first called into YW's, I was in my early 20's. I would snicker at the ladies complaining about how hard it was to sleep on the ground and how much medication they were going to take to camp. Now that I'm a bit longer in the tooth, I'm understanding what they meant.

5) Chipmunks love hot chocolate too!
The chipmunks at the camp were so excited to see us. I only left this cup on the ground for about a second, and I was still sitting in the chair. That's brave!

6) Rope swings look more fun the second way.
I was trying to get a picture of someone swinging off the rope swing into the REALLY cold lake. One of the YW volunteered. I missed the first picture - stupid tree, and this is the second try. Sorry! This wouldn't be such a funny picture if she was hurt, but she's ok. And the third try...
Now that looks like a lot more fun!

7) Ear plugs are now on my needed list for camp.
I thought I could sleep through anything after sleeping with Brent for almost 11 years, but I was proven wrong. Ear plugs made it so the girls didn't see my really mean, totally tired side. It's not a nice side.

8) Chipmunks have a sweet tooth too!
After telling the girls at least 150 times not to leave food out or in the tent, one of the girls left their chocolate bar out and in exactly .5 seconds, the chipmunk had stolen the chocolate bar, opened the top and started to eat. Chipmunks need chocolate too sometimes.

9) You need good leaders at camp.
This is Sheri. We've been working together for 2 years now, a lot of that time just the two of us. We have a lot of smiles and laughs together! It makes the sleepiness and craziness that much better!

10) Any skit that ends with the girls making a temple is a good skit.
The point of our skit was that the girls were trying to go to the temple, but they kept getting tempted. The theme of our ward was transformers, which is why the "bad guy" has on a transformer mask. The YW group made it to the temple, even with all the distractions! Good job girls!

11) Sleep deprivation makes for silliness to abound!

12) Chipmunks sometimes need drinks too.

These chipmunks were very well trained after being around hundreds and hundreds of Girl's Camps. One actually chewed through a girl's bag to get the candy inside. I mean, we did say no food in the tents, but...

13) It is easy to remember the Lord at camp.

Between having time to read your scriptures and ...being surrounded by so much beauty, it's so easy to be thankful!

And the last thing I learned at camp...

I really like these crazy, sometimes whiney, sometimes funny, all the time great YW that I have the opportunity to be with!

If you ever get a chance to go to Girl's Camp, you should totally go. Just remember your air mattress, pain medication, ear plugs and sense of humor! It's a lot of fun!


Angel said...

It sounds like you had a great time. Girls camp would be such a blast as a leader, but I am sure that you are happy to be home in your soft bed again...

Court said...

THAT was a great post! Loved it! I'm so glad that you went. I'm even more glad that you're glad.

Katie & Jared said...

Girl!!! You are quite the trooper if you can do girls camp in the mountains and come home happy. You are my hero!!!

Jen said...

Got to love your summary of Girls Camp!! It was right on!!
Looks like you had a great time and the girls loved having you there!

Jess said...

I love the list and pictures to go along with it.
I am so glad that you survived it and are home safe and sound with a soft bed and no chipmunks stealing the goods :)

Sounds like fun.

Julie said...

Great post Ashley! Girl's camp is always an...umm... interesting experience!

Mom said...

Glad that you survived and had a fun time! Your pictures are great (as usual). The one of the sky and the lake is awesome!! Glad you made it home safe and sound and accident free!!

Love ya!