Sunday, December 06, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving!

We hope you all had a great Thanksgiving. Ours was sure nice. We got to see and talk to all of our loved ones - except Jess' family, but we still love you - and there was good food for all.

This year we had Thanksgiving at our house. Brent's mom and sister, Julie, came up. It was great to see them both. We're so glad Julie is back from Kuwait safe and sound and for good! Good luck with your new job tomorrow, Jules!

Brent's brother Ryan and his family, Marcela, Reyes and New Baby (yet to be born), came down to spend the day with us too.

Brent's Uncle Gary braved the children and the craziness to join us as well. It was great!

After dinner, Court, her mom and the kids came over to enjoy some SUPER YUMMY pumpkin pie (I made that), a yummy pumpkin souffle of sorts (Marcela made that), and a yummy blueberry cream cheese pie (Court made that.) I love desserts!

Let's reminisce in pictures...(Sorry I didn't take any when Court and her family were here...I was distracted, I guess.)

Reyes was watching some Toy Story, and she let her Auntie Julie watch with her.

Reyes brought some blocks with her. I think Brent had more fun with them than she did. She really likes crashing through them. Silly girl.

I guess Ryan and Marcela stole Julie's camera and took a picture of themselves. Jeez guys, how rude!

Are you guys related or something?

As I said before, Julie just got back from a year in Kuwait. And she came bearing gifts. If I wasn't so lazy right now, I'd go and take a picture of all the things she brought back, but, alas, I am feeling lazy so I'll just describe them.

She brought me a beautiful necklace that says "Ashley" in Arabic. At least that's what Julie told could say anything!

She brought us beautiful handmade pillow slipcovers. I really should have taken a picture of those. Oh well.

She also brought us Muslim prayer beads.

She brought Brent a calendar for his desk that's good until the year 2025. And she also brought him this...

Doesn't he look cute? When he took it out of the package, a crocheted hat fell out. Julie told us that if he was bald, he would put that on first, then the rest. So Reyes put it on...

And I tried to put it on, but it wouldn't go on my head. That's when Julie said that the Kuwaiti men were not, how to put this, really big and masculine.

Then Ryan put it on. We laughed. It was just bad timing on his part.

We're glad that we could fill our house up with people we love. We're also so thankful for Skype and how we can see those who are far away. We certainly live in an amazing time. (I just had to try to explain what an iPod was to some older ladies in Relief Society. They were certainly impressed. At first they thought it was a cassette tape.)


Jess said...

Thanks for posting all the pictures Ash! Everyone said it was wonderful. I am sorry that we were the only ones that didn't talk to you. We're lame.

Can't wait to see you guys in a few weeks.

Jenny Moore said...

I think Brent looks good as a sheik!
Love all the pictures, wish we could have been there. We were thinking of you all!!!
Love you

Mom said...

Looks like you had a nice Thanksgiving. It was nice skyping with you as well. Nice that we can do it - we just need to do it more often. Glad you had family there.