Friday, December 04, 2009


Earlier this week, I looked out the window one morning and our mailbox was gone. The post was still there, but the mailbox was missing. As I was treking up to the mailbox, I was thinking, "What do we do without a mailbox? How will we get mail? Do I need to call someone?" I'm a worrier and a planner, not a good combo.

So I get to where the mailbox post is and I can see the mailbox in the ivy. Great, stupid kids have hit our mailbox off the post. But, when I pick it up, it's not dented or anything. So, what happened? I have no idea.

But...the bigger problem...what do I do about it?? Brent gets home at 4:30 every day, but it's dark by then, so he can't really be working on the mailbox. (I know, dark by 4:30??? I love this time of year. It's much more fun in the summer when it's light until 11 pm.)

So, in my ingeniousness, I "fixed" our mailbox until Saturday when Brent can work on it.

Yep, those purple things are bungee cords. We now have a white trash mailbox. Woho!

Don't you love the moss growing on our mailbox? Washington is called the Evergreen State because in the winter, EVERYTHING is GREEN!


Kyle and Marci said...

Good Job Ash! That is too funny. There isn't any text so I don't know if you wrote anything, but did you ever figure out what happened?

Jess said...

Ash, you are so my hero right now! I love the rigging up of the mailbox. That is awesome. I wouldn't know what to do either. You have to have a mailbox right? Good job! I would leave it just for fun

Jen said...

You go Ashley!!
I thought your mailbox was painted a lovely green, had no idea it was moss!!

Mom said...

Pretty ingenious, Ash...way to go! Our mailbox was hit off a week ago, too! No dents on it either!! But dad was home, so it got fixed in a hurry. Why you use your head...are bungie cords great! Love ya

Julie said...

Nice! You're in the wrong state to be having a white trash mailbox though!