Monday, March 28, 2011

Hello There

I just really want to blog about something. I don't know exactly what to blog about though. So, I'm just going to talk. This should be interesting.

We've been getting ready to update the, what we'll now call, guest room. This room was formerly the computer room. So, see ya popcorn ceiling, blue paint and holes in the wall. Hello beautifully redone non-popcorn ceiling, hole-free walls and orange paint. Woho!

Because of working on the guest room, we've had to move everything out of it. That's been fun. Now my tomatoes are growing in our bedroom, the futon is on it's side in the new computer room - and also Daisy's new favorite perch - and the plethora of other things are strewn about the house. Sigh. I guess it's a good motivation to get that room done! Then we can go to Ikea and get the new furniture I want. I love being organized!

Last week it was beautiful! I worked out in the yard and found some gardening muscles that I had forgotten about. This week is not yet beautiful, but maybe soon!

We've been starting our plans for terracing our front yard. It's going to be a LOT of work, but it will be great when it's done. I hope. Both be great and be done.

Our neighbor is moving. Anyone want to buy the house next door?

And, Brent didn't predict a single of the Final Four! This is not a banner year for him! But all I can say is...go VCU!

Oh, and check out my new thing I'm doing for Made by the Sea.

I can't wait to do all the before and after pictures. We just have to get some stuff "after" ready.



Mom said...

Good to hear from you!! Too bad "remodeling" is so much work. Makes it hard to "want" to do it although the finished result is so very nice! I can't wait to hear how you are going to do your front yard. Which neighbor is moving (up or down???? - I have no idea if it is east, west, north, or south :) Can't wait to see the changes!!
Love you!

Courtney said...

I can't wait to see all of the "afters" either! I'm also willing to do some vinyl projects with you and then you can take pictures of them for your blog. I've been figuring out some ideas for Emma's room. (It always seems to be Emma's room, doesn't it?)

Julie said...

It will be great fun to see the new room in a couple of months!

BTW, I'm kinda jealous you have tomato plants already!

Jenny Moore said...

Sounds like you are busy doing fun things!! I love before and after pictures!!!

Kathy said...

So fun and just disruptive to remodel and/or redecorate but so rewarding in the end. I am sure it will be great.

Jess said...

Before and after pictures are so much fun. They show how much work goes into each project! :) can't wait.