Saturday, May 05, 2012

We Might as Well Go to the Other Mountain

How would you spell the Utahn 'mountain'? m't'n? I don't know, but you can say it in your heads the right way.

On Friday before we flew out, we went to Kennesaw Mountain. There was a big Civil War battle here. That's all I remember. Have I told you how bad I am at history? At least I know what the Civil War was...

It was a little walk to one of the memorials. Isn't it a beautiful place? So peaceful and nice. It's kind of weird to think of a battle being fought here. Right up until you see the grave stones along the path. Then you remember why you're there.
There were cannons to pose next to. (I asked if these were actual cannons from the Civil War to which everyone kind of chuckled at me. So, no then?)
There were squirrels to chase. When we first got there, there were squirrels all around. Then after a few times of Eli chasing after them, there wasn't a squirrel to be found. I guess they talked to each other.
There was a memorial to pose by.
Really and truly, Jenny was there with us. I even have some pictures to prove it, but ... they didn't turn out too well so I was nice to Jen and didn't put them in. You're welcome!
Eli the poser
At one point, we stopped to read a marker and we were looking out into the forest. Jenny said that there could still be bullets from the Civil War in those trees. That kind of stuff is cool to me. That makes history something other than just dates in a book.

We were glad we went. It was a perfect end to a perfect week! It was sad to leave but we had a great time while we were there. Thanks guys!


John and Laura said...

That's exactly the kind of question I would have asked, if the canons were from the Civil War era. I still want to know! :)

Jenny Moore said...

Ahhh...that was a great week!
Please come back!!!