Saturday, May 05, 2012

Craftin'! Ye Haw!

I couldn't go there and not craft. I mean, seriously! I'm a crafter after all. And I really enjoy crafting with kids. So I found some stuff that I thought would be fun to do and sent them to Jenny to pick. She picked ... all of the above. Ok! Crafting here we come!

First off...vinyl! Have I mentioned that I have a cricut? And that I love my cricut? And that I love cutting vinyl with my cricut? Well, I do. So I saw these on, where else, pinterest and thought they would be perfect.
I, of course, made them mine and after some problems finding a background, came up with these.
I like how these turned out! If you would like one, let me know.

Then, Jen wanted some cool sayings for over their doors. This is my favorite...that and I forgot to take pictures of the other ones.
We made lip gloss with kool aide...
Which did not work! I'm 0 for 2 on making home made lip gloss. One of these days I know I can do it!

Here we are making these super awesome necklaces! What do you think?
Emmy's in the pink one, Meg's is the shell, mine is the star fish and Alyssa's is the lady bug
I really like the epoxy we used. It cures in the sun so you have time to place things just right. It is proving a little more annoying here in cloudy Washington but it's still working. Oh, and by the way, those necklaces are made from sprinkles and either stickers or beads. Kind of smart, huh?

And, here are a few pictures that are just fun...Enjoy!
Eli is flying!

Em showing some of her Beauty and the Beast moves.

Meg tried and tried and tried to get a dart stuck to the moving fan. Finally!

Meg and Alyssa
Happy craftin' y'all!


Jenny Moore said...

I wondered why you left off the crafting!!
Such fun!!
Glad you came and did fun stuff with my girls...I should do more of it!
Loved the rock!
Miss ya!

Mom said...

Those are some really cute craft things!!! I LOVE the necklaces and the vinyl is always so very cute!! Good job - I'll bet you are one of their most favorite Aunt's - you come and visit and bring fun things for them to do!! Way to go!

Love ya!