Tuesday, January 21, 2014

December Wrap Up

I know it's January, and well into January at that, but I just want to finish up 2013, so here goes.

My parents were here for my birthday, and to see Tyler, of course. While they were here, we went to zoolights at Point Defiance Zoo. Here are the pictures from that night...

Scrunch pictures are difficult with 5 people!

Better, but Ty was done by then!
Christmas Eve was spent at Ryan and Marcela's. We had a wonderful dinner and a great nativity program. Tyler was the baby Jesus. We had talked all week about how he needed to not roll out of the manger. He didn't roll out, but he started to scream about 1 minute in. Sad. But he was cute when he was in there!

Seriously cute!

This was Tyler's first Christmas present ever. It was from Ryan, Marcela and the girls. He loves it! (It's a stacky chicken thing. Very cute!)

And, finally, Christmas! We had a really quiet Christmas. Just talking on skype, eating food, our friends Chelsea and Tom and their foster son came over, and Ryan, Marcela and the girls. We had a great time!

Ty seemed to make out alright!
Brent put the Santa hat on Ty and it took a couple of tries...

But we finally got a good one!
And so ends 2013!


MOM said...

OMG...those pictures show how much he has grown in the past month!! He looks more grown up in his latest pictures than he did! What a fun time Zoolights was - especially AFTER we figured out which way he wanted to be facing (LOL!) It was a lot of fun. Looks like you had an AWESOME Christmas,too. Glad we got to spend it with you through Skype...but a real one with all of you would be nice too :) Thanks for the update!


Jenny Moore said...

love all the pictures, can't seem to get enough of mr. cutie pie!