Monday, May 19, 2014

Wait, You're HOW Old?

Today Tyler is 9 months old! Time flies when you're having fun and are sleep deprived. :)

He is SUPER mobile now so pictures today were challenging to say the least. Not as many as usual, but here you go!

As you cam see, he's standing up now. He can pull himself up and has started cruising. We push him over on a regular basis! He was a fan of the extreme close up today. Not as many smiles today as big mouth. Silly boy! He makes this face a lot lately. I think its because of teething but it could just be his silliness! It's hard to take a good picture when your subject would rather be on your lap! Baby toes! How can you resist?? He really is getting big! And so fun to be around! We're big fans!

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Mom said...

Who wouldn't be a fan of this cutie! He is such sweetheart! That was a challenging day for pictures and the big mouth makes me laugh...but these pics are still so cute!